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Is it true that Microsoft will take over from Sony?

Is it true that Microsoft will take over from Sony?

HaThe news that the American company Microsoft is acquiring the Japanese electronics brand Sony surprises anyone. How can it come as no surprise that Microsoft takes over all divisions, including Sony Music and Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony’s games division?

The news was first reported by the Spanish website Microsoft. It was later translated into English and posted on the EN24 website. Microsoft Corp is reported to have acquired rival Sony Corp for $ 13 billion.

However, this news is completely false. Microsoft has not taken over from Sony. None of the mainstream media has reported this important news in the field of technology and commerce. Some media outlets published the news, but it was later removed.

Hours after the news broke, neither Microsoft nor Sony made any statement. Furthermore, such a transaction is only possible through various formalities.

Especially when it comes to transactions between companies of two countries, various controls of the regulatory centers of the respective countries should be omitted. It is not possible to do it in secret. Companies can only make these acquisitions through public and transparent procedures.

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