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Is the resupply coming?  All the information!

Is the resupply coming? All the information!

Buy PS5: Restock soon at Saturn and Media Markt

The time has come: the Playstation 5 restock at Saturn and Media Markt is imminent. In online stores we find PS5 consoles with the new note “soon available again” somewhat hidden. Until now, it has always said “permanently sold out”. A clue about the preparation? It could be any day. These links take you directly to the important product pages:

>> PS5 on Saturn

>> PS5 at Media Markt

Important to know: Attentive customers agree that there will be restocking soon. Because both Saturn and Media Markt have increased their PS5 bundle deals. Well hidden in the online shop, the product pages have already been created here. A good indication of possible preparation for sales. Here’s an overview of all the secret deals:


PS5 bundles: Hidden deals at Saturn and Media Markt?

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PS5 Restock on Amazon

And what are the possibilities with the online retailer Amazon? There was a small revival here on March 30! Some customers were successful and were able to dust off a console. Check the current availability here through the direct links >> Playstation 5 and >> PS5 Digital Edition. But beware: as a general rule, only Prime customers can get a PS5. As a precaution, you can >>create a master account.

PS5 resupply at Saturn and Media Markt

Getting hold of a Playstation 5 is currently as difficult as trying to find a €500 bill on the street. Sony’s popular console is out of stock for months. The reason for this is bottlenecks in the delivery of important components. Our observations show that game fans have the opportunity to get their hands on one of the few available consoles about once a month. When will the big PS5 restock come to Amazon? It’s supposed to be imminent. Experts have been rumoring for weeks that the Replacement of 10,000 to 20,000 Playstation 5 must be on the way to Germany. In addition to Amazon, other retailers such as Media Markt and Saturn are also high on the list of possible supplies. Is there a reset today?

The PS5 deal pages at Saturn and Media Markt are currently offline. However, that could change quickly, so it’s worth keeping an eye on:

>>> PS5 on Saturn

>> PS5 Digital Edition on Saturn

>>> PS5 at Media Markt

>> PS5 Digital Edition at Media Markt

Our exclusive tip: Electronics retailer Euronics has also listed the PS5! Check online availabilities here. >>> PS5 at Euronics! <<


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Buying a used PS5: are the models finally available again today from the buyback?

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