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Is There a Method to Avoid Getting a Report After Doing ELO Boosting?


Elo generally refers to as the Match Making Rating. Therefore,  when you buy an ELO boost it is the service whereby a high Elo booster will raise the ranking of the low-rank player by boosting their account. The boostee provides access to their account to the booster. When the booster reaches the boosting deal criteria, the boost is complete, and the boostee regains access to their account.

LoL report

The procedure appears relatively straightforward, and it is indeed. Elo boosting has its perks, which helps to assist in fulfilling your desired objective, whether it be to improve your ranking or unlocking the end of the season Victorian skins. Regardless of the intention, Elo boosting buy lol accounts makes it easier for the players to achieve their dream ranks.

Necessary Measure of Riot Games against In-game Cheating

ELO boosting is an entirely legal procedure all across the globe, except South Korea. However, the problem is that the Matchmaking system of Riot Games ensures that the similarly ranked players match against each other, eliminating the possibility of unfair and unbalanced matchmaking.


In this regard, ELO Boosting violates LOL’s matchmaking system because the ELO booster is playing the game whose rank does not match the ranks of other players in the game. To combat boosting, scripting, or whatever other problems, League of Legends has an anti-cheat team that composes of analysts, data scientists, and even ex-cheaters who come together to identify ways of deterring, preventing, and detecting exploits.

The Punishment of Receiving a Report after Boosting

To counter such exploits, Riot Games also implemented anti-cheat bots directly into the game. In the previous three years, Riot Games banned more than 7 million accounts, with a total of around 5 million only in China. The security is extremely tight, and with ELO boosting, your account continually remains at the risk of receiving a report, be it a 2-week suspension or permanent. The report also prevents your account from receiving ranked rewards, as well as your Honor dropping to 0.

How to Avoid Receiving a Report from ELO Boosting?

The most common reason why most players end up receiving a report is the sudden increase in K/D/A ratio and tons of match wins in a row. It ends up boosting the game’s overall statistics in a short amount of time, inevitably triggering the Riot’s anti-cheat system.

Furthermore, spamming only one hero for several games can also increase the risk of receiving a possible report on the account. But it can also refer to a player that is not a booster doing something similar and merely having an extremely good day in the matchmaking. However, it is something that the anti-cheat system would not be able to comprehend.

The question now arises what should be done to prevent getting a report during ELO boosting. Like the reasons mentioned above, you can take them into account during the boosting procedure and have a strategic conversation with your ELO booster.

You can advise him to spam more than one hero and do not entirely stomp the game. The K/D/A ratio matters the most when it comes to games like LOL. It might appear complex to underperform forcibly, but it can become extremely crucial to avoid raising suspicion.

The most notable reason why players often end up receiving a report is winning tons of games in a short amount of time. The prolonged gaming sessions and winning all games on top involves the highest risk of triggering the Riot’s anti-cheat system. You can suggest that your booster lose a few games in between on purpose or not play continuously for several hours.

ELO boosting sure has its pros and cons at the same time. Some people might think of it as beneficial and profiting, while others see it as something that ruins the gaming experience. Both can be correct, but it solely depends if the majority of the community ends up benefiting or suffering a loss from it.

ELO boosting can be a great source of raising the overall standard of the game. It can be a great learning curve for the players and can help them explore the higher tier world of LOL beyond their reach and skill level without attaining the ELO boosting services.

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