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It gives you greater appreciation for his game

It gives you greater appreciation for his game

Ryan, Chevoygan Falls, Wisconsin

Does the Packers have the stamina to catch up with last week’s great performance?

Packers should have stamina as there is a 10-day grace period between games to prepare for this game. This will probably be the healthiest thing they’ll be all season coming from minibuy. It’s time to get back to work.

Kevin in Starr Pass, Arizona

Wes, I don’t want to jinx anything, but remember correctly, ML doesn’t have a continuous loss yet. It’s very impressive for the new head coach.

Everyone is lucky and can win the game. Ask the 2014-16 Green Bay Media Basketball Team. But the true measure of a team and its coach is to find victory after defeat. And none of the NFL teams have done a great job of shattering themselves after losing to the Packers for the past two years.

Dear Wes, I thought this past game was a great team win in that all phases complement each other. Do you think this game is the focus of the second half of the season?

The Forty-niners were clearly hurt on Thursday night, but the Packers could only beat the NFL opponents in front of them. If there was a takeaway from the Packers’ defense … it was a takeaway. They were urgently needed for the unit trying to get some swagger back. It was also a reminder of what Mike Petin’s defense could do. They need to bring the same energy to the young and promising Buck (James Robinson) and the Jacksonville team with Rookie QB (Jake Luton), who played the most unexpectedly against Houston this Sunday. ..

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The Packers finished the first quarter of the season 4-0 and the second quarter 2-2. Of course, another perfect quarter would be great, but this week starts 1-0. What do Packers need to do on Sunday to get a W and 1-0 start in the third quarter of the season?

Stop running … again. Jaguar thinks of many Robinsons. Enough to partner with Leonard Fournette this summer to give Robinson free control of the backfield. He is dangerous. Packers have to prepare what to bring to Rambo on Sunday.

Who are the JAX players that Packers have to plan for?

DJ Chark is the legitimate No. 1 receiver … and he’s healthy again.

Jack of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

Good morning. I’m enjoying my inbox. When David Buff Tiari is lined up, he usually puts his left foot back and is in a two-point position. When Billy Turner recently tackled left, he was always in line with a three-point stance. Is this a personal preference or are you instructed to do this based on strengths / weaknesses?

That’s a great question, Jack. I don’t know if I’ll talk to Turner this week, but I’ll work with Adam Stenavic on that question to make it available in the next media. That’s a good observation.

Do you think re-signing the O-line guys is a top priority? After seeing the Broncos backup tackle burn out many times on Sunday, I came back thinking about this and how lucky we were to have a great backup.