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It seems that many disappointed people bought the Xbox One X by mistake today

It seems that many disappointed people bought the Xbox One X by mistake today

Today, Microsoft has begun pre-ordering the next generation of Xbox One X. I’m sorry, it’s the Xbox Series X. The only difference between the two names is one word, which is the middle word. There are also three Xs.

I may not be the only one who confuses them. (Microsoft itself Yes, but I’m a digression. ) Despite today’s pre-order date series X (Reminder: New), 1 X (old one) also had a banner day on Amazon, At some point 747% of Amazon “Moving & Shaker” Sales Chart..

Please note that Amazon charts cover only the last hour. It wasn’t fourth all day long.

It’s not hard to imagine how people would buy the wrong console. When you search for “xbox series x” on Amazon, the top two search results are Series X and One X search results, and the two images can be difficult to distinguish from each other. Both feature a large black box, with the Xbox controller leaning to the right, all with a black background. When I rushed to get a valuable pre-order, I was able to see how someone mistaken the two offerings.

For those who do did I accidentally bought an Xbox One X (Refresher: it’s old). Hopefully, they’ll notice an error in their way and return the console to Amazon for a full refund, eventually giving them the opportunity to buy a next-generation console. They were actually looking for it. It’s 2020, something will happen, and it’s not your fault that Microsoft chose Obscure naming convention For next-generation consoles.

Plus, on an important day on Xbox One X Alternative description It would be sweet justice for those who felt it Xbox series X And Playstation 5 The pre-order was completed incredibly quickly. Perhaps all of these Xbox One X consoles were purchased by uninformed bots.

If so Enjoy the obsolete console, Bot.