According to new tests that have emerged in the beta version -if you want to move the field with the biggest rival in the world of technology- it will be possible

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You would be surprised, but many people who are thinking of switching to Android and iOS are giving up on the idea, due to the fact that they cannot take their call history, photos and videos with them from WhatsApp and transfer them to a device with an operating system. different. After WhatsApp started allowing the transition from iOS to Android with call history, new evidence suggests that it is poised to do the same for the other side, eventually allowing free cross-platform transfers for its users as well.

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The WABetaInfo website, which examines and navigates every beta version of WhatsApp (and even got to the point where Mark Zuckerberg and the head of WhatsApp Surprise him in a group chat), Reports Because beta version 22.2.74 for iOS has a new screen to import chat history. Although the two new screens do not necessarily indicate a transition between Android and iPhone devices, the accompanying illustration shows an illustration of what an iPhone looks like (thanks to the glitch) and what an Android device looks like (thanks to the Hole Punch camera). . ).


Let us remember that just a few months ago Samsung confirmed at the presentation event of its new folding devices that WhatsApp will allow to transfer the chat history of the iPhone to the Galaxy devices The new ones, and indeed it was. WhatsApp has since announced that the feature will also be supported on all Android 12 devices, but did not specify when and if the feature will also be available for the opposite route. The site revealed hints about the feature’s existence on an older version of Android, and in both cases, it thinks you’ll need to use the Move to iOS app to start the process.

However it is. Of course in beta, and the feature isn’t really live yet, so it’s subject to deferrals, changes and also outright cancellation, and it’s not yet clear what devices and versions it will support. If you continue to require the use of Android versions 12 and above, the vast majority of Android users won’t even be able to consider using it with their current device, as Android devices typically don’t receive OS updates for many years. like Apple devices, except for the new Samsung devices and of course the Google Pixel, which has been supported for a long time.

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