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It’s a big deal for Apple to bring the startup chime back on macOS 11.


  • Apple’s latest operating system, macOS 11 Big Sur, has reinstated a signature launch chime that notifies users that a computer is booting.
  • Technical columnist Jason Aten argues that this change is simple, if not unnecessary, for some, but it’s actually more important than just a fun addition.
  • Chime is part of Apple’s identity, and creating consistency between Apple products fosters customer love and loyalty to the brand, he says.
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Apple’s latest operating system, macOS 11 Big Sur, Looks very different From what it replaced.Whether it’s good or not can be discussed later, but Apple certainly has a lot. iOS design elements For desktop computers.

In my opinion, I have a lot of things I like, and I need more to get used to them. It’s also fairly standard with major software updates, including this dramatic redesign.

However, there is one thing that many years of Mac users are familiar with.That’s Apple Startup chime..

This is not new information — we knew this for a while.In fact, even before Apple hinted at it At the developer conference last summer Execute a terminal command To get it back. However, when developers and others started installing the beta version of macOS 11, the iconic tones were officially revived.

It’s actually a bigger problem than it looks.

Startup chime Has existed since the original MackintoshHowever, it was more beeping at that time. Over the years, the chime has changed several times, but with the same purpose. Telling the user that the computer hardware has passed the diagnostic test and is functioning properly. When you heard that, you knew your Mac would boot.

In 2016, the startup chime is gone. At the time, Apple didn’t say anything about why the sound you hear when you start your Mac disappears.Perhaps removing the launch chime Notify that your Mac is like an iPhone or iPad In that they are essentially always on.

In fact, with the 2016 MacBook Pro, Lift the lid and literally “turn on” the laptop.. Technically, you have to “boot” when you turn it on, but you don’t have to press a button to do that.

As a result, when I sat in the library or conference and lifted the lid of my laptop, I was suddenly greeted by a sharp cord telling me that I had just turned on my Mac. In some cases, you may not be completely prepared for it. It can be distracting or even embarrassing.. The argument could have been very simple, if it’s no longer needed and it might be a problem for some people, just get rid of it.

Except for the startup chime, it’s part of the Mac’s identity. This is important and is often overlooked from a purely functional point of view. If the startup chime seems to serve a particular purpose, then the chime is not needed when that purpose no longer exists.

But over time, the startup chime served a completely different purpose.

It has become part of the experience of using a Mac.

It was as essential as the shape of icons, logos and devices. It was familiar. In fact, when you buy a new Mac, it may look quite different from the one you replaced, but the first experience you had when you turned it on was the same.

Familiarity has value in peace of mind. It makes something new more uncertain.

In an interview on November 15th “Mac Power Users” PodcastKurt Knight, Apple’s Senior Director of Platform Product Marketing, said of the change decision:

“I don’t think it will change because of change,” he said. “This is really a tribute to the Mac. It’s like bringing the boot chime back. But not just bringing the boot chime back, we’ve remastered everything. Everything is of higher quality than before. To such details So we paid attention to it, so it’s consistent across platforms. [the] The vast majority of Mac users also have an iPhone or iPad, so it’s very valuable to keep the app icons consistent. “

It’s worth mentioning that by “praising the Mac,” Apple praised people who loved the use of the Mac and care about its history. Undoing the boot chime does not work. There is literally no technical reason to be there, and it serves only one purpose-to please the user.

Not many companies are thinking about that. Macs always have different types of followers, and Apple has long done a better job than most companies that create a love for the brand. In this case, adding a boot chime is literally inexpensive, but the return on the investment is enormous in terms of brand affection. That’s exactly why it’s so big.

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