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Jacob DeGrom deserves this feeling


With the remaining two weeks of the 2020 MLB regular season, the New York Mets have a hard time imagining participating in the October playoffs. But do you know that it’s not hard to imagine now? Jacob deGrom Received the Cy Young Award for the third consecutive year.

Until passing 54 innings, right-handed players continue to look like the pitchers we’ve seen every five days for the past few years. He is 4-1 with an ERA of 1.67, a WHIP of 0.87, a strikeout rate of 37.8%, a walking rate of 6.2%, and fWAR 2.3. Its ERA, strikeout rate, and fWAR are good for being the second best in baseball (first in the National League), but his WHIP is the third best (shock).

And since he played against the Blue Jays in Toronto (Buffalo) on Friday night, Mets has confirmed that deGrom will win as many mounds as possible before the regular finale. One of the many things that a 32-year-old player has endured in the incredible dominance that began in 2018 is Mets pitching.

How else can you explain that you won only 21 games between 2018 and 2019 despite posting 2.05 ERA? The last two starts of DeGrom probably felt alien to him, but it feels like he needs to get much more often than he has.

Astonishing amount of execution support

Simply put, Mets won the deGrom trackroad on each of his last two starts. First, he faced the Philadelphia Phillies in a 14-1 defeat on September 6, and this Friday he played another 18 runs against the Blue Jays on the board.

The situation is a bit ridiculous when compared to the last seven launches of deGrom in 2020.

Looking back at the rest of deGrom’s career, this type of driving support is rare, and even more rare when he starts collecting Cy Youngs at the end of each season.

Towards 2020, Mets won 14 runs of Ace on two different occasions (5/16/15 and 7/14/16). They also won 16 runs on the other two occasions (8/24/15 and 5/3/16). Looking at the award-winning performances of the last few years, New York has only been able to perform double-digit runs once in 2018 (12 times) and three times in 2019 (10 times each time).

So it’s also worth noting that New York not only recorded the run scored at deGrom in the last timeout, but also offered such an aggressive onslaught in a series of spawns. The numbers are a bit distorted these days, but Mets is getting better and better with respect to ace support. The average driving support he received went from 3.49 in 2018 to 4.13 in 2019 and 7.25 in 2020.

It’s also a breath of fresh air to see them not wasting the game he’s starting. After posting 14-18 team records on deGrom at the start of both 2018 and 2019, they are now 7-2 when he points to the slab. by the way…

Winning streak

I’m part of a crowd where pitchers think winning is a pointless statistic. It probably won’t go away, but it will. Even the most solid supporters of such statistics, deGrom has worked hard over the past two years to break down those barriers.

But by this point in 2020, he has at least enjoyed most of his major performance benefits. He should still win his name, but given what the last two seasons were like, four wins with nine starts is incredible.

With so much driving support in the last two turns in rotation, deGrom clearly won an easy win for both himself and his team. Of course, that made me think — how often did he win? Continuous start From the beginning of 2018? Besides just what happened, deGrom’s first two wins from this season also came this way (third and fourth start).

He had enjoyed several consecutive victories by 2018, but it was a rare event for anyone who was clearly the best pitcher in baseball.

During his first Cy Young campaign, he won consecutive starts on three different occasions.

  • March 31st and April 5th
  • August 8, August 13, August 18
  • September 21st and September 26th

Last season it became more rare:

  • March 28th and April 3rd
  • September 20th and September 25th

DeGrom has launched 32 games in each of the previous Cy Young seasons. So the fact that you’ve already finished two games with nine starts in 2020 raises your eyebrows well.

It’s not easy for deGrom to win the award for the third year in a row. Trevor Bauer And Dervish Here are some compelling cases for your consideration. However, deGrom is a leading back-to-back champion and must perform well enough to take the award out of his hands.

That’s not necessarily happening yet, and Mets’ Ace has three opportunities to show why he deserves to be in the desolate air among starting pitchers before the votes are aggregated.

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