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Japanese manufacturer builds the first open case for all-in-one PC

Japanese manufacturer builds the first open case for all-in-one PC

of Sarah Petzold
A Japanese manufacturer has come up with a solution for all PC users who want a neat but easy to clean case. The N-Frame-OP01 combines an open chassis with mounts for different motherboards and a monitor mount, so fans of LAN parties get their money’s worth here.

Japanese company Nagao Seisakusho fulfills PC gamers’ dreams of a case that combines a clear structure with convenient cable management and operational suitability. This is the world’s first open chassis for an all-in-one PC that includes a monitor stand.

Neat, elegant and practical.

Those who regularly want to bring their own PC to LAN parties generally have to compromise when it comes to the case. Some models allow for neat cable management and look stylish, but are difficult to clean. Others may have a ventilation problem or leave something to be desired in terms of optics. But that’s exactly where the cold case of Nagao Seisakusho comes into play.

The model with the product name N-Frame-OP01 is a fully open case that offers space for a full PC with monitor and also has a handle for easy transport to the next LAN party. The chassis supports ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX form factor motherboards and features 75 x 75 and 100 x 100 VESA mounting holes for an external monitor.

Another advantage of the open case is the fact that users don’t have to worry about ventilation of the components and that theoretically any graphics card can be mounted in the chassis. If you are interested in this special case, you can import the product through Amazon Japan, among others.

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