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JO: Atmosphere, alcohol, caliber ... Welcome to the Boredom Games

JO: Atmosphere, alcohol, caliber … Welcome to the Boredom Games

On the occasion of the Tokyo Olympics that will begin next month, the organizing committee announced measures that are as strict as they are surprising. These decisions concern the spectators who will not be allowed to create the atmosphere around the competitions.

One month before the opening of Tokyo Olympics, the organizers have already calmed everyone down. We must quickly forget the packed stadiums and the return of the good atmosphere after the Euro. Because in Japan ” The festive atmosphere will have to be eliminated! “This is indeed Seiko Hashimoto’s announcement that it is not intended to imitate what we currently see on our continent.” In Europe, the sites are full of celebrations. Unfortunately, we may not be able to do the same “, Warned the president of the Olympic committee, whose measures will probably shock more than one.

In fact, the spectators will be able to applaud, but without cheering on the athletes or ” come into direct contact with other viewers “They will also be prohibited from asking for autographs.” express (your) verbal support “Wave a napkin or make a rally” any form of cheering a crowd can create “And although sporting events currently allow it in Japan, alcohol will be banned from the stands.” to alleviate public concerns as much as possible Suffice it to say that the atmosphere will not be very happy during these Olympic Games. Which the organization fully assumes.

Japan wants to reassure its population

« People may feel joy in their hearts, but they cannot make noise and must avoid crowds., one I insisted Seiko Hashimoto. We are working hard to find a new way to celebrate. “Therefore, Tokyo hopes to highlight the” true values “Of the Olympic Games since” some worried “What the event is” get so massive “As a reminder, only Japanese viewers will have access to the sites, obliged to respect a 50% indicator and a limit of 10,000 people maximum. A way to reassure the concerned population about the idea of ​​organizing such a meeting in the middle of a health crisis.