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Jordan … arrest of an officer and police officers who “broke the law” together with a member of the army (video)


Jordanian Police

Jordan’s Director of Public Security, Major General Hussein Al-Hawatmeh, ordered the arrest of an officer and police personnel, following the release of a video showing his “transgression and improper treatment” with a member of the Jordanian army.

A spokesman for the Public Security Directorate said: “General Al-Hawatmeh ordered, after verifying the authenticity of the video that was circulated, the arrest of an officer and individuals at the Police Rehabilitation and Correction Center, for their transgression and violation of the law and regulations and his improper treatment of a member of the brave armed forces. “

He added that Major General Al-Hawatmeh “has instructed the judicial branch of the police to expedite the completion of the investigations, take the strictest legal measures, and arrest the officer and persons who appeared in the video, in order to do comply with the dissuasive sanctions against offenders in accordance with the provisions of the law “.

He continued: “The Public Security Directorate will not hesitate to address any individual transgression that does not reflect the true image of its firm principles in the application of the rule of law in a framework of accountability and accountability, nor does it reflect the relationship of brotherhood. with the comrades in arms of the Jordanian Armed Forces, who we consider the umbrella that remains for us. “We stand shoulder to shoulder with your children, in every inch of the sheer wealth of our homeland, to defend their safety and protection.”

He stressed that the Directorate, “with regard to enforcing the law and preserving the safety and protection of citizens, will not accept any violation of the laws by one of its employees, and will take all dissuasive measures to guarantee the protection of rights “. . “

A video clip appeared on social media, showing the officer and two police officers pulling out an item in military uniform and forcing it into a vehicle that belonged to them.

Source: “Tell me”