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"Joseph sometimes has to grind."  And Conte tries to get more aggressive

“Joseph sometimes has to grind.” And Conte tries to get more aggressive

“From time to time you have to squeeze.” No problem? “Yes, even Giuseppe, especially when he’s on television, has to start being more aggressive.” Therefore, it will be a Fire count It is no longer smooth and reassuring, what will we see in the next few weeks? Those loyal to the former prime minister assure that the change in communication strategy has begun. The head of the M5 must get rid of a series of ghosts that do not give him respite: he‘departure from Palazzo Chigi by the hand of Matteo Renzi, the ruthless judgments of Beppe Grillo, the interdiction games of Luigi di maio, the discontent of the troops that shows that they can not maintain. So, “sometimes if he gets a little crazy and raises his tone, that’s fine,” said those who participated in the restricted meetings of the Ombudsman’s Office. Conte, in fact, runs the risk of being one of the rare cases of almost a leader ever born. The proverbial slowness in political steps, demonstrated in these months of limbo, could wear him out. Several Grillini MPs, a category that thrives on bad humor and recriminations, outline a bleak future for Conte. The appointment with the election of the head of state takes on the outlines of a big bang for the Movement, the leading force in Parliament, which is currently groping in the dark. Colonels from Forza Italia can be found on the reopened liner willing to say that the hand of God to collect the Cav. the Colle could arrive, in the secret of the urn, precisely by troops of pentastelatos. They would play a trick on the leader: vote for Berlusconi. Out of spite, out of disrespect. Show that the parable of the new grillino president has reached the end credits. Political fiction? From Forza Italia they laugh and caress the forbidden dream, convinced that unexpected help can also come from the Democratic Party, always in the logic of spite towards Letta.

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