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Just Cause Mobile will be late and won’t arrive until 2022

Square enix plans to launch several mobile games stemming from its strong licenses, and Just cause mobile It was supposed to be one of the games that had to arrive faster, with a release scheduled for late 2021. Unfortunately, the development team just announced that the set deadline could not be met.

The pandemic changes plans again

Even if we saw it briefly during the last Square Enix Presents, Just cause mobile it will eventually be late and won’t be released in 2021, as the study behind the game tells us Twitter :

« As you know, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected many studies and, sadly, ours is no different. We had to find new ways of working and this caused delays in our development schedule. The bottom line is that we made the difficult decision to delay the launch of Just Cause Mobile until 2022. »

An understandable delay, once again caused by the pandemic that continues to plague the studios. Now we are getting used to these kinds of delays, so it is not surprising. We will find out this Just cause mobile in 2022, without further details at the moment.