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Kamura will open on PC on January 12, 2022 and in demo next month

Kamura will open on PC on January 12, 2022 and in demo next month

This trailer rich in information, therefore, it teaches us that Monster hunter rise The search will begin on PC on January 12, 2022. However, Capcom was not satisfied with simple portability and will take advantage of the hardware most powerful of this platform to offer a specially dedicated experience.

4K definition, support for screens ultra-wide, more graphics options, high-resolution textures and a frame rate of up to 144 Hz will be part of the search. The combo keyboard/mouse will also benefit from special attention, unlike the previous work in which the game in the wives it was highly recommended. Also, as the PC version of Monster Hunter: World, that of Upload It will catch up with the Switch version and therefore will have all the content added since the game’s launch last March.

The expansion announced during the recent Nintendo Direct, Sunbreak, scheduled for summer 2022, will also be available for PC. However, Capcom did not specify whether it will be possible to transfer your backups between the two versions or whether the cross game will be supported.

The most impatient hunters can try the PC version of Monster hunter rise ahead of time via a demo scheduled for October 13 on Steam. Therefore, an appointment is made for the hunt!

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