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نفاذ بطارية الهاتف المحمول

Keep an eye on it … 7 unexpected reasons why your phone’s battery drains quickly

Follow-up – Ali Mualla:

لا شيء أسوأ من الانتظار لساعة أو اثنين حتى يكتمل شحن بطارية الهاتف تماما, ثم لا تمضي سوى ساعات قليلة ويبدأ الهاتف في إرسال إشارات التنويه بنفاذ شحن البطارية, فتتحول فجأة لهذا الشخص الذي يبحث بهرولة عن مكان لشحن الهاتف أو تصابي بالإحباط عندما تكتشف نسيانك للشاحن في Home.

But since treating any problem starts with knowing its causes, so in this article we will go over the most popular reasons for rapid battery drain:

1. Leave a large number of applications open on your mobile phone even if you are not using them.

2. Using a high brightness on the phone also drains the battery quickly.

3. Some applications like Google Maps constantly consume data from the Internet to determine your location, which burns your phone’s battery.

4. The lack of update of the mobile operating system, such as Android and iOS, is also one of the reasons for the rapid drain on the battery. Modern operating systems support modifications and solutions to many problems in older operating systems, including rapid depletion of charged battery.

5. When setting the device to connect to Wi-Fi all the time, it consumes the battery power, it is better to disable this function.

6. Receiving notifications from all the applications on your device, such as games and social networking applications, can destroy your battery.

7. Using poor quality charger types adversely affects your phone, so it is always preferable to use original types to preserve battery life for as long as possible.