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Kickstarter Hit Eiyuden Chronicle published by 505 Games, promising "higher quality"

Kickstarter Hit Eiyuden Chronicle published by 505 Games, promising “higher quality”

Eiyuden Chronicle: The spiritual successor to Suikoden Chronicles, published by 505 Games, the developers promise “higher quality” as a result of their partnership.Publisher partnerships with Rabbit & Bear Studios A YouTube video released earlier this week. Studio leader Yoshitaka Murayama thanked the fans for their support and said, “We believe that this partnership will enable us to deliver the Eiyuden Chronicle to our fans with a unique concept and higher quality standards. I added. Murayama also said that the Eiyuden Chronicle is “the first of many games” that the team wants to offer to fans around the world.

Eiyuden Chronicle, benefiting from the hugely successful Kickstarter campaign in 2020, exceeded its goal in one day and raised over $ 4.5 million to become the third most successful Kickstarter video game. ..As for what players can expect from the game, the press release is “a traditional 6-character battle system with carefully crafted 2D sprites and gorgeous 3D backgrounds, and a deep and complex written by master storyteller Murayama. It features a “story”. Eiyuden Chronicle is a 2.5D visual style JRPG that recruits over 100 heroes, as the title of the game suggests.

Rabbit & Bear states that it chose 505 as the publisher for its work on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (another highly successful spiritual successor to Kickstarter) and Death Stranding’s PC release. The Rabbit & Bear team has many veteran Japanese developers with credits for game series such as Suikoden, Wild Arms, Tales of, and Castlevania.

Eiyuden Chronicles was originally planned for PC, but after achieving a stretch goal in the kick starter campaign, the console is “unlocked” and when the game is ready, PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch (or It is thought to be installed in the successor to Switch). Fans have to wait for potential release windows. Murayama said Rabbit & Bear will publish more information through the game’s official social channel.

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