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King of Seas and Biomutant in the afternoon Twitch of - ​​

King of Seas and Biomutant in the afternoon Twitch of – ​​

The afternoon Twitch di is more intense than ever. As always, we will swing through all of the hottest topics these days. For example, we will play a King of the seas with 3DClouds Lead Designer Luca Cafasso, but then we’ll also find out Biomutant, one of the most anticipated games of the moment.

After the classic date with the Coffee Break, the channel contraction of Multiplayer will be populated with pirates, anthropomorphic animals and technology.

At 2 pm Francesco Serino will be live with the lead designer of 3DClouds Luca cafasso and its King of the Seas. In this way we will discover this fun entirely Italian game based on pirates and battles between ships. And who better than our Captain Francesco to tell us all the news about this game?

At 4 pm it will be the return of TechTonik, while at 6 pm Francesco will take us to the world of Biomutant to discover one of the games of the moment. Have you read the Biomutant review? Francesco will calmly show us the beginning of the game and discover this fascinating adventure live with you.

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Instead, you can follow live on this news, in the dedicated box on the home page, on the Twitch channel of or using the official application for ios me Android.

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