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Kirby und das vergessene Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Out Today – New Trailer and Item Code Sweeten the Launch – ntower

From today it is Kirby and the Forgotten Land Available for the Nintendo Switch. Already last Wednesday we were able our test share with you which Kirby 3D adventure he flew just short of the highest rating. A new one has now been created to coincide with the release. trailers published, which we would like to share with you:

An item code for the game was also revealed via Twitter. If you enter the Waddle Dees in the village, you will receive some items that should make your journey easier. The keyword for this is MOUTHMODE. You can also use the two codes from the demo CLEARDEMO and NEW ADVENTURE It is also used to obtain additional items. We’ve attached the tweet for this below, as well as the press release for the release.

Has Kirby’s latest adventure made it to your Nintendo Switch collection?

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