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Kirby Smart says his UGA team "needs a game" this weekend

Kirby Smart says his UGA team “needs a game” this weekend

Due to COVID-19 concerns, three games across the SEC have already been removed from Saturday’s slate, highlighting the match between Georgia and Missouri. The Eli Drinkwitz team is the latest in the virus-fighting league as the Tigers announced a new incident announced on Tuesday. They want to have enough healthy players to challenge the No. 11 Bulldog in Colombia on Saturday.Georgia head coach Kirby smart His team certainly shares the same hope as long as they say “I need a game”.

“This is a long-thought-out process,” Smart said on Tuesday when he and his staff were asked what to do on the weekend if the game was cancelled. “Honestly, I don’t want to think about that. I know there are rumors, but I don’t want to plan for it. I don’t want to say myself.” Many of them can depend on what’s next week. I’m going to do that because there is. We have a plan that we can rest assured that we have to talk about it as a staff member and keep the team better. I say this, we need a game. We want to play If given the opportunity to do that, we will. If not, we must strive to be better. “

As for his players, they also feel the need to return between the lines.Second grade outside the linebacker Nolan Smith And junior safety Christopher Smith Both showed that the first two days of practice in preparation for Missouri were full of energy. But for them, the only way to fully taste the defeat of their 44-28 rivals is to stand next to their teammates and play against the Tigers this weekend.

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“That’s exactly what Coach Smart said. We need to get on the right track and return to Georgia football play,” Nolan Smith said. “We need to be comfortable as a team and regain the friendship of the team. After losing, it can hurt and everyone treats it differently. Some people hate talking to people. Some people like to practice, if any. Returning to this game, I know that brotherhood is back and everyone is ready to play again. “

“The team is definitely in it,” added Christopher Smith. “It’s obviously a tough position for us. I haven’t been in this position during the season since I came here, but everyone’s heads are still in the game. We just finished strong and the rest Aiming to win the game You can get the best results from this season. We will continue to play hard. We will never give up. “