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Krummnußbaum, St. Martin - Great consternation after a walk in the games

Krummnußbaum, St. Martin – Great dismay after a hike in Gaming

The consternation in the Krummnußbaum community runs deep. The 52-year-old deceased was firmly integrated into the life of the town. “He knew her very well. She is very bad. She comes from a small town where the entire population is in shock,” Krummnußbaum’s deputy mayor, Andrea Eichinger, still can’t believe the incident days later.

The deceased was athletic and an avid hiker. “She has never dared anything, hiking is normally not dangerous. I just can’t understand when someone has to die at that age,” Eichinger says. Particularly tragic: The 52-year-old became a grandmother just a year ago. “Unfortunately, the two of them will no longer know her grandmother,” Eichinger is deeply affected.

“It’s just tragic,” says St. Martin Mayor Martin Ritzmaier, of the 54-year-old victim’s home community.

One of the dead hikers worked for Caritas. Caritas Secretary General Christoph Riedl also expressed his dismay on Twitter: “We mourn the loss of one Caritas employee in particular. Our condolences and condolences to all the families, friends and co-workers of the five deceased.”