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La Anla filed the environmental licensing process for the Quebradona project

La Anla filed the environmental licensing process for the Quebradona project

The National Environmental Licensing Authority (Anla), through Order No. 09023 of October 25, 2021, filed the administrative process for the evaluation of the environmental license for the Quebradona Copper Mining Project, located in Jericó, Antioquia.

According to the entity, the decision was made from a evaluation “technical, rigorous and comprehensive of the environmental impact study collected in the field visits” and of the additional information presented by the company.

The definition of the area of ​​influence, the characterization of the hydrogeological, hydrological, geotechnical and biotic components, as well as considerations regarding the tailings deposit and subsidence were the determining aspects in the decision.

The evaluation process, as stated, included professionals from different disciplines such as hydrogeology, hydrology, geotechnics, geochemistry, ecology, air quality and socioeconomic issues, among others.

Chronology of the process

The environmental authorities made two visits in March and September 2020 during the evaluation process of the mining project of Brokenness, from which, and together with the information of the company, it requested in November 2020, the additional information formulating 174 requirements, which were answered by the company in January of this year.

The entity highlighted that within the framework of Decree 1076 of 2015, it requested technical concepts from other entities, such as the Autonomous Regional Corporation of Antioquia – Corantioquia, Secretariat of Mines of Antioquia, Colombian Geological Service, Ideam, Alexander von Humboldt Institute, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, among others.

What will happen in the process?

After the determination of the entity’s file, which is in the “publicity process” with the company, the community in general and the 211 third parties involved, an appeal for reconsideration proceeds, under the terms and requirements established in the regulations.