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Last Epoch Class and Mastery Breakdown



Welcome to the realm of classes in ARPGs. Today, we’ll explore the distinctive class system that Last Epoch has to offer. In this guide, we’ll delve into every aspect of the class system within Last Epoch, beginning with a discussion of the classes and masteries, unique abilities, and more.

We’ve designed our guide on Last Epoch with a user-friendly structure in mind, ensuring it’s easy to follow and navigate.

How about we take a look at the fantastic class system found in this game?

Classes & Masteries in Last Epoch

Last Epoch features a class system where you have five distinct classes, each of them divided into three masteries, similar to ascendancies in Path of Exile. However, there is a slight difference. In PoE, you can choose only one ascendancy, whereas, in Last Epoch, you can spend points on each mastery you want.

Although you have this possibility, the majority of the builds use the masteries in a specific pattern. The 65% focused on the main mastery, 25% focused on the second, and the last 10% focused on the third and fourth mastery or the base class.

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It’s important to note that you’re not bound to adhere to a specific pattern when it comes to masteries. The only limitation you face is the allocation of a maximum of 113 points. This flexibility allows for a wide range of character customization and experimentation. Kicking off this list with:


Firstly, the Mage is one of the definitive classes found in every ARPGs. This class is a must and cannot be missed. Mages have the ability to control Fire, Cold, and Lightning, using these elements to devastate their enemies. When it comes to the Mage class, it’s divided into three unique masteries, each offering its own distinctive characteristics and abilities.


Sorcerer is the essential spell caster with ranged abilities and massive elemental AoE damage. It specializes in Fire, Cold, and Lightning abilities. Also, the Critical Strikes and Ward are well supported for this class. The exclusive skills for this mastery are the Meteor, Static Orb, Ice Barrage, Arcane Ascendance, and Black Hole.


Spellblade combines martial arts with melee-wielding spell skills. They have a very good number of melee skills that trigger spells, blending the two playstyles together. Like the Sorcerer, he’s themed around Fire, Cold, and Lightning abilities with superior ward generation. The exclusive skills for this mastery are Shatter Strike, Flame Reave, Enchant Weapon, Firebrand, and Surge.


Runemaster is the most unique spell caster seen in the world of ARPGs. Thanks to the Runic Invocation skill, this mastery can combine the Fire, Cold, and Lightning runes up to three times, creating a total of 40 distinct spells based on the element combination and order. The special skills for this mastery are Runic Invocation, Flame Rush, Frost Wall, Runebolt, and Glyph of Domination.


The Primalist is a flexible class capable of embodying various thematic roles. This class specializes in Physical, Cold, Lightning, Poison, and even Fire Damage. Also, possess the ability to shape-shift in many beasts, possess wolves, and summon tornadoes and spell skills. These distinct masteries provide their own unique traits and abilities.


The Shaman mastery primarily revolves around the use of Totems, although it also has the ability to use spells. He specializes in Cold, Lightning, and some Physical Damage. His mastery bonuses provide reduced mana cost for Totem skills and buff the elemental resistances. The unique skills for this mastery are the Summon Storm Totem, Tornado, Earthquake, and Avalanche.


Druid is the definitive shape-shifting class in any ARPG. Thanks to its mastery and special skills, it can transform into many beasts, every one different in terms of play-style. It specializes in Cold, Lightning, Poison, and Physical damage based on the form selected. The special skills for this mastery are the Werebear Form, Spriggan Form, Summon Spriggan, Swarmblade Form, and Entangling Roots.


Beastmaster resembles the Necromancer as it can control creatures. However, a key distinction between the two lies in their approach. While the Necromancer reanimates and controls deceased monsters, the Beastmaster focuses on safeguarding his animal companions and also specializes in Physical and Poison Damage. The skills for this mastery are Summon Raptors, Summon Bear, Summon Scorpion, Summon Frenzy Totem, and Summon Sabertooth.


The Sentinel embodies the core principle of a Warrior, Barbarian, Knight, or similar class, yet it sets itself apart from conventional representations in other games. This class derives its damage from Physical, Void, Lightning, and Fire Damage. Each mastery has unique abilities and traits, starting off with:


Paladin’s mastery is centered around the divine and enlightenment theme. It specializes in Fire and Lightning Damage, including the ignite aliment. Additionally, this mastery also grants it useful stats such as Block, Armor, Health, and some Bleed. The exclusive skills from this mastery are the Holy Aura, Healing Hand, Sigils of Hope, and Judgement.

Void Knight

If the Paladin is the sign of hope and enlightenment, the Void Knight is the opposite. With a specialization in Void aliment, it is the only mastery in the game that deals this damage. The exclusive skills granted by this mastery are the Erasing Strike, Volatile Reversal, Abyssal Echoes, Devouring Orb, and Anomaly.

Force Guard

The Forge Guard mastery is centered on skill, strength, and a deep understanding of steel. Through their rigorous training, Forge Guards demonstrate their prowess and mastery. The mastery focuses on Physical Damage with the bleed aliment. Exclusive skills offered by this mastery are the Force Strike, Shield Throw, Manifest Armor, Ring of Shields, and Smelter’s Wrath.


Do you like a fast play-style? If yes, then Rogue is perfect for you. It resembles anything you can expect from a Ninja, Assassin, or Ranger. It can wield bows, daggers, or swords and specializes in Fire, Cold, Lightning, Physical, and Poison Damage. As for now, the Rogue has only two masteries starting off with:


When it comes to Ninja or Assassin archetypes, the Bladedancer mastery presents the ideal fusion of these concepts. It excels in the arts of stealth and subterfuge, wielding a dagger with finesse. The Bladedancer specializes in dealing Physical, Poison, and even Fire Damage. The exclusive skills offered by this mastery are the Dancing Strikes, Shadow Cascade, Synchronized Strike, and Lethal Mirage.


The Marksman is the Ranger equivalent in Last Epoch, drawing its strength from bows and quivers, allowing for a variety of combos and diverse playstyles. It specializes in Cold, Fire, Lightning, Physical, and Poison Damage, enabling the exploration of various combinations and gameplay styles. The special abilities from this mastery are the Detonating Arrow, Multishot, Dark Quiver, and Hail of Arrow.


The Falconer is still in development and will be available on the 21st of February, 2024.


The final class on this list is the Acolyte, an iconic class in ARPGs, proficient in the use of Dark Arts and the power of the undead. Thanks to the masteries, you can choose between Dark Spells or a horde of Skeletons, Abominations, and even the Grim Reaper himself. The class specializes in Physical, Poison, and Necrotic Damage. As for now, the Acolyte has only two masteries starting off with:


Lich is the master of Dark Arts, resembling the Witch Ascendancy from Path of Exile. It specializes in Necrotic, Poison, and Physical Spell Damage. While this mastery primarily centers around Dark Magic, it also provides the Lich with the ability to summon and utilize its minions to its advantage. The unique skills from this mastery are the Spirit Lure, Drain Life, Aura of Decay, Soul Feast, and Death Seal.


I think everybody loves the Necromancer as it is the most fun and easy class for a beginner in many games of this genre. This mastery possesses the capability to command a formidable army of undead creatures, making it versatile across a wide range of damage types and thereby enabling the creation of numerous distinctive builds. The unique skills this mastery possesses are the Summon Wraith, Summon Skeletal Mage, Sacrifice, Dead Shade, and Assemble Abomination.


The Warlock is still in development and will be available on the 21st of February, 2024.

Mastery Tier List in Last Epoch

Based on many opinions and content creators’ thoughts in Patch 0.9.2, this is the current Tier List for all the masteries available in the game:

  • S-Tier: Necromancer, Lich, Runemaster, Druid
  • A-Tier: Sorcerer, Bladedancer, Paladin, Marksman
  • B-Tier: Void Knight, Forge Guard, Beastmaster
  • C-Tier: Shaman, Spellblade

Moving forward, let’s see the most asked questions about classes and masteries in Last Epoch.


In every ARPG, questions about the “best” class, the “worst” class, and the most challenging class are common inquiries. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered, so let’s dive right into addressing these questions without delay.

What is the Best class in Last Epoch?

It can be stated with confidence that the Acolyte, particularly the combination of the Necromancer and Lich masteries, is considered the best class in Last Epoch.

What is the Easiest class in Last Epoch?

From our experience, the Acolyte class is the easiest for both leveling and end-game content. You don’t have to engage directly with every monster, perform complex keyboard combos, or press multiple keys continuously. Instead, your minions become your trusted allies, simplifying the gameplay and offering a safe and easy play-style.

What is the Hardest Class in Last Epoch?

At the moment, the game doesn’t present any notably challenging classes or masteries during the campaign. However, when it comes to end-game content, every class can become challenging initially. But with the right equipment and a deep understanding of the game mechanics, you can overcome and complete any type of content.

What is the Worst Mastery in Last Epoch?

Right now, the Shaman holds the title for the weakest mastery in Last Epoch. In terms of leveling and end-game damage, the Shaman requires more knowledge of the game and more time to put it right.

That concludes our discussion with the most popular questions regarding the Last Epoch classes. Let’s now prepare to wrap up this article with a conclusion.


In this guide, we’ve covered all the classes and masteries in Last Epoch. Selecting your initial class can be a challenging decision because the game provides a wide array of unique playstyles and diverse build options. It’s advisable to experiment with each class to discover your personal preference.

The journey is just beginning, time travelers. Now is your time to shine and save the world of Ettera.

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