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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius continues its love of crossovers with an Octopath Traveler event

Last FANTASY Courageous EXVIUS celebrates 45 million downloads at the Final FANTASY II party | Article content

Closing FANTASY Brave EXVIUS just lately recorded 45 million downloads. This is a milestone that Square Enix deems worthy of celebrating. It will be presented in the type of a collaboration event with Ultimate FANTASY II, and players can anticipate a great deal of benefits and bonuses.

There are also new models that players can summon for a limited time. This consists of figures such as Firion (Neo Eyesight), Darkish Knight Leon (NV Awakenable), Emperor (NV Awakenable), Aileen (Neo Eyesight Awakenable), and Thoughtful Sister Maria.

In other places, players can struggle Leviathan in medal trade events. In this article they get paid occasion details that can be redeemed to receive supplies to upgrade the 5-star Min Wu to 7-stars. Gamers who have not but gathered this character can acquire them by completing beginner level missions.

There is also an obtainable quest termed Capture in between virtues and vices. By completing this, gamers will be able to obtain awakening elements for the brave skills of Firion (Neovision), Dark Knight Leon (NV Awakening), and Emperor (NV Awakening).

From nowadays to October 28th, gamers will be equipped to conduct no cost weekly 10 + 1 summons that guarantee either a 5-star or NeoVision device. There is also a login bonus exactly where you can gain benefits such as 4,900 lapis, 2 NV EX tickets (5? / NV), Ascension Pearl, etcetera. just by remembering that the participant opens the game at the time a working day.

Last but not least, there is a new world-wide original occasion to tackle called the Change Problem. This will gain you a medal of the exact title that you can redeem for Tremendous Belief Learn Rewards and other useful products.

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Remaining FANTASY Courageous EXVIUS is now Application Keep And Google perform.. This is a activity that you can participate in for free with an in-app obtain.

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