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Last Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – How To Unlock All The Optional Dungeons


Like all other expacs in the MMO, Remaining Fantasy XIV’s Shadowbringers introduces its reasonable share of trials and dungeons: this is in which to unlock them.

Like all other expansions in the MMO, Final Fantasy XIV’s Shadowbringers introduces its honest share of trials and dungeons. Players will operate by way of all trials and most of an expansion’s dungeons all through the training course of the expansion’s key tale situation, but there are constantly a several dungeons for each expansion that are optional to entire.

These optional dungeons and identical unlocks are helpfully indicated by a blue quest mark. Having said that, figuring out which quests actually guide to helpful unlocks as opposed to sightseeing or yet a different levequest can be a agony.

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As such, here’s our information to finding and unlocking Shadowbringers’ optional dungeons. Do note that you’ll have to have to complete the expansion’s main situation prior to picking these up, and gamers are highly encouraged to unlock these to broaden the pretty small pool of level 80 dungeons they can accessibility via the each day Degree 80 Dungeons roulette.

The Twinning

The Crystal Tower under no circumstances ceases to amaze. Not only is it an total raid, it also returns as a degree 80 dungeon just after finishing Shadowbringers. Players can choose up “By The Time You Listen to This” from Bethana, a Crystarium guard standing near the Dossal Gate aetheryte, to unlock The Twinning.

Bethana describes that the Crystal Tower has been emitting a strange signal, but aggressive constructs and other defensive actions is protecting against the Crystarium’s researchers from investigating even further.

Naturally, that is in which you occur in. The Twinning has you, along with an elite team of three other adventurers, escorting the Crystarium’s scientists down to the deepest depths of the tower. The dungeon drops Amaurotine equipment and explains how Garlond Ironworks managed to awaken the Crystal Exarch, location in motions the gatherings encompassing Shadowbringers. Gamers will be pitted in opposition to significant enemies they’ve encountered in earlier expansions—as effectively as a fairly imposing enemy they have by no means and will under no circumstances get a possibility to in fact battle.

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Also, the audio slaps. If you’re much too emotionally compromised to grind Amaurot for gear, The Twinning is the dungeon for you.

Akadaemia Anyder

Talking of Amaurot, it appears as though your time in that fantastic, grand, and tragic city isn’t in excess of just still. The Overwrought Ondo can be identified in Eulmore, near the Southeast Derelicts. Communicate with him to accept “Akadaemia Anyder”, which will make it possible for you to unlock… nicely, Akadaemia Anyder.

Amaurot has apparently survived its creator’s demise, and in addition, has managed to release a rampaging beast on the Ondo Cups—hence the Overwrought Ondo making for dry land in search of an individual, everyone, to assistance.

The quest will acquire you to the Bureau of the Administrator, in which the front desk clerk will immediate you to one of the city’s foremost facilities of exploration, the Akadaemia Anyder. Speak to the clerk stationed at the Akadaemia, and you will be in a position to obtain the dungeon both at the entry position that then spawns or by way of the Duty Finder.

A great deal like The Twinning, this dungeon will fall Amaurontine equipment. Players will be pitted versus numerous creatures that were being the moment housed in the Akadaemia and have the option to learn much more about several crucial scientists in Amaurontine heritage, as well as further more data about the calamity that would later on befall the Historic Types and Amaurot.

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