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Laysara: Summit Kingdom – urbanism thought vertically


Laysara: Summit Kingdom offers you a different kind of building strategy Source: Future Friends Games, Quite OK Games

Laysara: Summit Kingdom, currently developed by independent two-person studio Quite OK Games and published by Future Friends Games, has revealed a new trailer at PC Gaming Show 2022. Laysara: Summit Kingdom is a challenging city-building game that takes place focuses on resource management, economics, and survival in harsh environments. Build and expand your settlements in the high mountains in a campaign or sandbox game.

Carefully plan your production chains, trade networks, and avalanche survival strategies to meet the needs of your three-class society and allow the kingdom of Laysara to prosper, according to the official description of the vertical city-building newcomer. Laysara: Summit Kingdom is not scheduled to appear until the first quarter of 2023, but it already shines with innovative gameplay ideas that provide a breath of fresh air for all those who like to explore the genre and enjoy building strategy. Of course, there are also the dangers of mountains: extreme weather conditions and avalanches are literally pre-programmed.

Laysara: Summit Kingdom – PC Gaming Show 2022 Trailer

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Laysara features at a glance

  • Build on a mountain. Each mountain offers unique challenges: different shapes, arrangement of vegetation zones, availability of resources, and weather conditions.
  • Beware of avalanches. Nature cannot be stopped. Develop plans and strategies to deal with avalanches, or watch your city get buried and devastated.
  • Create a traffic network. Between the mountain peaks, transportation becomes a challenge. Look for opportunities to optimize your transportation and production networks across mountain ranges, canyons, and rivers. Magnificent yaks are always available.
  • Build a temple on the top. Climb the mountain, create a glorious temple on top and triumph over the elements.

In addition to different weather effects like snow and rain, Laysara wants to shine with other special features and challenges. According to the latest developer update, as well as the PC Gaming Show trailer, she will build mines on mountain cliffs that are actually outside of the normal area where he builds most of the buildings.

The symbiosis of its built mountain villages, which can coexist and supply each other, will also be particularly exciting. In this way, you build a trade network between the different mountains, each of which comes with its own quirks, in order to meet needs and rebuild the kingdom in the long run. Laysara is a pure city-building experience that focuses on economics, management, and survival and will not involve any military or combat aspects.

Although the game should have been released in 2022, nothing will come of this plan on the part of the two developers. Due to the long negotiations that have now led to the publishing deal with Future Friends, you have to correct your own schedule. As of now, Laysara: Summit Kingdom will be released in the first quarter of 2023.

You can already see some images and information on the associated Steam page and add Laysara to your wishlist:

About quite correct games:

Quite OK Games is a team of two developers who decided that working on other people’s games was no longer fun. Starting your own project isn’t that different from a regular job at a game development company, right? What could go wrong?

Quite OK Games was formed in early 2021 to begin work on the debut title, Laysara: Summit Kingdom.

About future friends:

Future Friends was founded in 2017 with a simple mission: to give indie games the love they deserve. After an initial focus on public relations, the company has now expanded into publishing: debut titles Omno, Exo One, and Festival Tycoon all released in 2021.

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