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Leaks of major apex legends appear to reveal the following seven legends

Leaks of major apex legends appear to reveal the following seven legends

The next seven characters from Apex Legend have reportedly leaked into a playable lineup with recently notable names for battle royale folklore such as Blisk and Ash.

If Respawn has a schedule to release one legend per era, it means that new characters up to Season 13 may be revealed with the class.

Blisk, Ash, and other characters called Horizon, Hughes, and Hussar become aggressive characters. The other two are legends dedicated to reconnaissance capabilities, with no plans to release a defense or support category.

According to Leak, the position behind Lampert is occupied by someone named Valk. Details Falcon Previously leaked, it allowed people to see everything from the proposed tactical, passive, and ultimate abilities. New information suggests that Titanfall 2’s Blisk and Ash will be released after Seasons 8 and 9, respectively.

Leaked Apex Legend Character

  • Valk-Aggressive
  • Blisk-reconnaissance
  • Ash-aggressive
  • Horizon-Aggressive
  • Hughes-Aggressive
  • Firebug-reconnaissance
  • Hussar-Aggressive

(This list corresponds to how it appears in in-game shots of the leaked Apex Legends character selection order.)

Overall, this stage of Apex development is a good example of what the 21 characters will look like when they become available in the next few years.

Previously, Horizon Link with Valk Or another leaked character called “Nova”. This image shows that Horizon and Valk have their own placeholders, and that these two names may have been developed separately.

The image above, which shows the character’s cast more clearly, also includes a portion of the donkey, she’s almost cut off, but seems to be enough to excite the fans even more.

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The skin of the clothes she wears is believed to have previously leaked Aftermarket event.. The Loba skin, previously associated with unpublished events of data mined information, is now displayed next to this expanded roster.

For all these credibility, it is always important to capture this kind of information in a single salt, considering that it is not official until confirmed. However, the images are likely to be genuine as they are from the actual game itself.

As with all leaks, especially those dealing with long-term plans like Season 13 content, something is subject to change if you just put on a hat within Respawn and it hasn’t changed yet.