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Lebanon .. A citizen robs a woman “exorcising evil spirits” and security moves



A member of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces

Lebanese security forces announced the arrest of a citizen who robbed a woman after deceiving her that he “has supernatural abilities that allow him to exorcise evil spirits.”

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He sold his wife for a sumptuous dinner and a smartphone!

In a statement, the Lebanese Internal Security Forces General Directorate said: “On October 14, a person stole 12 million Lebanese pounds (about $ 600) and gold jewelry, worth $ 2,600, from the interior of the home of a citizen after deceiving her that he had Gives her power to exorcise evil spirits.

The statement added: “As a result of the tracking, his identity was identified by the Southern Investigation Detachment in the Regional Gendarmerie Unit, where he was lured to the town of Al-Masalih-Nabatiyeh and arrested, and it was found that his name was AB (born 1978, Lebanese citizen), and upon inspection, it was found in his possession: The total amount of money stolen, except for gold coins, and when questioned by members of the detachment, he admitted that he had stolen the aforementioned quantity from inside the plaintiff’s house, and also stated that she received it several times in her house before she carried out the robbery, deceiving her with his ability to exorcise evil spirits, and that she sold the stolen gold. to a jewelry store in the town of Nabatiyeh.

The detainee deposited the pertinent article with the confiscated assets to take the necessary legal actions against him based on the reference of the competent Judicial Power.

Source: “Lebanon 24”