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Led strip lighting: why are they the smart choice?


the Led strips are true copper strips, along which are arranged small chip that produce light radiation using technology based on the emission of light by diodes.

The choice of particular materials and the extreme engineering of this medium allow not only to have a single luminous tonality, but also manage both color and intensity of LEDs, creating fun and personal light effects. Furthermore, the control of such systems is often integrated with voice assistants Which Alexa OR Google Assistant.

The small size, the tendency not to generate too much heat (even after prolonged use) and the flexibility make thethe Led strips to illuminate a very versatile tool not only from the point of view of pure lighting, but also to give character and personality to environments.

Why use Led strips

Made of silicone and consequently a lot slim me flexible, these strips can be placed almost anywhere, and one of the most common uses is to place them along the edges of the furniture to define its contours and emphasize the division of the rooms.

Some Led strips have the option of handle light temperature, intensity me colour; the use of this specific type of lights, called RGB, allows you to give an even more particular tone, creating games of colors and intensity. Very low cost, long service life and very low consumption allow you to experiment and change the style of your furniture simply by changing the type of lighting present.

Be self-adhesive, they can also be placed in places that would otherwise require masonry work, for example under shelves, behind furniture and even outside – some strips are even waterproofed.

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The extreme variability of these lights allows you redesign their environments without having to put your hand on furniture or paint. The way a room is lit plays a huge role in what the final visual effect will be: just think of the spatial depth added by ceiling spotlights whose light bounces off the walls.

In particularly small studios or houses, for example, the simple management of lights can change the feel of a room at any time, from the dining room to the living room, just by changing the color and tone of the light points, everything at the push of a button. It is precisely in this that LED strips are superior to other lighting methods: the characterization and the personalization.

Led strip lighting: what do you need to know?

Before thinking about the aesthetic details, it is necessary to take into account both the amount of light that will be needed to obtain the desired effect, as well as the size of the room.

The first aspect is taken into consideration when introducing the concept of lumen, which is the amount of light emitted by a source, which in the case of strips is expressed in lumens emitted per meter of length. This characteristic is indicative of how powerful a light source will be, but the visual effect will also depend on the size of the environment.

Each type of room has various features me need; To understand the amount of light required, therefore, it will be necessary to know the size of the room itself and design the light points so that they are neither too intense, nor too weak and lacking in character.

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source: pixabay.com

Experiment and create

These tools allow anyone to improvise light designer, resulting in results that are often surprisingly good.

Trying and experimenting is the best way to find a style that can make a home or office more personal and comfortable. The lighting is not only functional so as not to trip us over the furniture, but also it also has very important effects on mood and stress, improving (or worsening) the stay in any environment.

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