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Lenovo Introduces Think Reality A3 Smart Glass, 5 Virtual Displays, Learning Report

Lenovo ThinkReality A3 AR Smart Glass was unveiled at CES 2021. The Smart Glass features stereoscopic 1080p displays that can present the user with up to five virtual displays. Lenovo says the Think Reality A3 can be used for 3D viewing, custom virtual monitors, augmented reality (AR) assisted workflows, and immersive training. The ThinkReality A3 Smart Glass will be available for purchase in select markets around the world from mid-2021, but pricing has yet to be announced.

Thinklity A3 smart glasses look like chunky sunglasses and can be enhanced with industrial frame options for safer and longer-lasting use. Lenovo unveiled them at CES 2021, which runs through January 14 as a virtual event this year. The smart glasses are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 SoC. The Think Reality A3 has an 8 megapixel camera that can provide dual fisheye cameras for 1080p video and room-scale tracking. ‘

Although the Think Reality A3 will not be available for purchase until mid-2021, you can notify when Smart Glass will be available by clicking the Notify Me pop-up displayed on the website.

Lenovo introduces smart glasses as part of a comprehensive integrated digital solution to deliver smart change in business and bring smart technology to more people. The company also said that at a time when companies around the world are looking to embrace new technologies for intelligent collaboration, Think Reality A3 will help transform work at multiple levels of the company.

“Whether they are working in a virtual space or supporting remote assistance, ThinkRelicity A3 has expanded the capacity of workers wherever they are,” said John Perschke, Strategy & Emerging Business, of Intelligent Device Group Vice President said in a statement. Think Reality on PC selects Motorola smartphones via A3 Tether or USB-C cable. Lenovo calls it the most advanced and versatile pair of business smart glasses.

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ThinkReality A3 PC version

The Think Reality A3 PC version, meanwhile, leads to a laptop or mobile workstation. This allows users to use large monitors, multiple monitors, and Windows software applications and tools in their software area.

Think Reality A3 Industrial Edition

Think Reality A3 Industrial Edition Industrial Edition connects to select Motorola smartphones and allows users to participate in AR-compatible hands-free tasks. It is compatible with the ThinkReality software platform. The platform provides remote support, guided workflows and 3D visualization for use in factory floors, laboratories, retail, hotel spaces and more, according to Lenovo.