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Let’s find out what to see for free in Barcelona in just one weekend


Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia. Barcelona is Catalonia, a state within a state that is proud and proud of its peculiarities. It claims independence from Spain, but it is one of the locomotives of the Iberian capital. His name is famous in the world for various reasons. Art, with the works of Gaudì and Mirò, football with the style of play exported by his extraordinary team, music with José Carreras.

It is a favorite destination for international tourism. A city that has experienced a real boom since 1992, the year in which the Olympic Games were held. On that occasion, Barcelona was disrupted and modernized in its structures and, since then, it has become one of the poles of mass tourism. Getting to the Catalan capital is very easy from all over Italy. In just over an hour it can be reached from the main Italian airports. Popular medium for long holidays and weekends, let’s see how to visit it spending zero euros.

Let’s find out what to see for free in Barcelona in just one weekend

Upon landing in El Prat, you can take bus number 46 which, in less than three quarters of an hour, reaches the Plaza de España. One of the largest squares in the city with the splendid fountain of the Three Seas of Jujol in the center, one of the successors of Gaudi. At that point, crossing the two Venetian towers it is possible to head towards Montjuic, the famous hill of Barcelona. This was the main Olympic venue, in 1992, with the stadium being its emblem. To get there, you can use the escalators that leave from the Magic Fountain. An attraction not to be missed at night, when the light and the characteristics of the water make it really special. The escalators take you to the top, where the National Art Museum of Catalonia is located. Walkers can get lost from here in the many green spaces present in Montjuic.

Now we can decide to go back up towards the Castle, or go down towards the sea, always passing through Piazza di Spagna. In the first case, there is also the possibility of taking the cable car that, in a few minutes, will take us to the threshold of the Castle, making us admire the city from above. If, on the contrary, we want to go down towards the center, it is preferable to take bus 150 that will take us back to Piazza di Spagna. A pleasant visit to Montjuic and its gardens can take a day for good walkers.

The second day around the city

The next day we can visit the entire Gothic Quarter, with its narrow streets, walk the entire Rambla Principal, stroll among the stalls of the Boqueria. A unique show that combines aromas, smells and flavors. Where with a few euros you can decide to have a quick meal. Then, from there to the port and then to Barceloneta, the road is short. Go breathe the sea air that distinguishes this entire area of ​​the city, making it special.

Let’s find out what to see for free in Barcelona in just one weekend that ends with the return trip to El Prat airport. Two days in this wonderful city fly fast even without spending a euro to access the most famous attractions. However, we will undoubtedly have the desire to return soon to discover new corners, because those who visit Barcelona once will fall in love with it forever.


How to visit the wonderful Barcelona on a cheap flight and even less in a hotel and restaurant

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