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Giochiamo la sfida BRAWL-O-WEEN insieme? Vi spiego come fare - Brawl Stars

Let’s play the BRAWL-O-WEEN challenge together? I’ll explain how to do it

Let’s play the BRAWL-O-WEEN challenge together? I’ll explain how to do it – Brawl Stars

I have been filled with messages from people who have no friends to play the BRAWL-O-WEEN challenge and here I come to the rescue of all of you.

First of all I remind you that yesterday I published a video on the comps to use for the BRAWL-O-WEEN challenge and on how to use every single brawler in that map and also an article -> How to win the BRAWL-O-WEEN CHALLENGE on Brawl Stars – PRO GUIDE

Many of you have already played the BRAWL-O-WEEN challenge, but for those who have not yet played the challenge or are afraid to do it with RANDOM I will come to the rescue. This afternoon at 17:00 it will be LIVE on my YOUTUBE channel, where I will do the challenge with my main account together with the guys from my STAFF and then I will use my other two accounts to help 4 of you present in LIVE.

You got it right, I offer my experience in game to help four people looking for friends to do the BRAWL-O-WEEN challenge, I will draw two people LIVE for an account and two more people for my third account! So if before you had the problem of having no one, Sparx is ready to help you overcome the challenges.

I am not saying that we will succeed, also because it could be the first time we play together and we do not have all the brawlers available, but I assure you that together we will try to bring excellent results, especially if you follow my advice!

If you want to attend my BRAWL-O-WEEN challenge or if you want to try to play it with me, I am waiting for you all in my LIVE at this LINK ->

To not miss the live you have 2 possibilities:

  1. Activate my channel bell to get notified as soon as I go live
  2. Activate the LIVE REMINDER, so as to receive notification from Google as soon as I go to LIVE.

And above all, SIGN UP to my channel by clicking here -> SUBSCRIBE TO THE SPARX CHANNEL

Ready to flex in the BRAWL-O-WEEN Challenge with Sparx Comps? Please leave a reaction below if you liked my article and SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel to play with me!

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