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Lifeless by Daylight devs deny nerfing Pyramid Head’s ass


Did you know Pyramid Head a short while ago arrived in the entire world of Useless by Daylight, along with survivor Cheryl Mason and the Midwich Elementary College from the Silent Hill franchise? This is, of system, an iconic character from a survival horror traditional. Enthusiasts eagerly waited to see this new killer, so they could decide his competitive stability in the uneven horror match.

Sad to say, there is really a controversy in the local community. Supporters are alleging that Behaviour Interactive, the studio powering Useless by Daylight, has nerfed Pyramid Head’s most significant asset.

Pyramid Head debuted in Silent Hill 2, exactly where he served as an at any time-existing manifestation of the protagonist’s guilt and disgrace. In Useless by Daylight, he joins the roster as The Executioner, and he utilizes his Fantastic Knife blade to dig trenches and block survivors. The community enjoys this faithful interpretation of a massive terrifying boy, and they have dubbed the killer Daddy Pyramid Head.

Having said that, Behaviour Interactive denies at any time touching Pyramid Head’s butt. They insist his ass is equally as spherical and total, and it was not lowered through output or right after his release in the video game. Polygon acquired the next assertion from Mathieu Cote, match director on Dead by Daylight, by means of e-mail.

I can ensure that when our art staff did go on to polish Pyramid Head, his butt remained untouched. The apron covering his entire body was modified, which might build the illusion that his system was also changed. We depart it up to our players to go over, at length, irrespective of whether the adjust in garment has had a major affect on his butt and how that will impact his efficiency as a killer.

For now, gamers can breathe a sigh of relief understanding that there have been no significant alterations to a well-liked character in video recreation canon. The Silent Hill chapter of Useless By Daylight is available for $6.99, and will allow gamers to acquire the purpose of both Cheryl as a survivor, or Pyramid Head as a killer. Pyramid Head joins other accredited killers from horror franchises, like Noticed’s Amanda Young, Michael Myers from Halloween, and A Nightmare on Elm Avenue’s Freddy Krueger.

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