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Light up your house with a Raspberry Pi, some codes, and some LEDs. The result is magical!

insurance reddit that we discovered this project in writing. A project that fits perfectly with today and above all with a very impressive result, which we wanted to share with you.

Ryder, a young Canadian hacker who shares his connected projects on reddit, github but also on YouTube. Ryder illustrated his project through a YouTube video. A very interesting project of connected lights based on WS2811 LEDs and a Raspberry Pi 3b +.

The principle is quite simple, it still had to be thought about. Various WS2811 LED String Light thus they form the basis of the decoration. These garlands have the particularity of offering a unique address for each LED. So after injecting an algorithm into the RPi, it becomes very simple to create a very accurate lighting atmosphere with accurate color on a particular LED.

Therefore, everything is orchestrated by a Raspberry Pi. Ryder has chosen a Pi 3 b +. If he Raspberry pi 4 It is the last Pi to date, this project does not require excessive power, so version 3 or later will be more than enough.

To complete this interesting project, Ryder has developed an algorithm that allows to animate these LEDs in different ways, but also and above all a mobile site that allows them to change the atmosphere on demand and a smart function that allows them to choose a color and a simple touch and slide, apply it to an area of ​​the garland.

Ryder informs us that he still has to clean up his code and finalize his project before offering us the source code, we will follow this project closely to contact you when it is finished.

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Meanwhile, we invite you to see the result on video, the least we can say is that this project is quite simple, but impressive.