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Little Big Adventure is finally coming back as a reboot, not a sequel


It is Didier Chanfray in person who detailed the circumstances of this change in the project site. Always very attached to the series, the man who co-founded Adeline Software International in 1993 with Frédérick Raynal and Yaël Barroz explains that the way to breathe new life into little big adventure has been strewn with traps for a long time. If you were able to obtain the license rights and worked with Dotemu to release LBA1 Y LBA2 on Steam and GOG (as well as iOS and Android in the case of the first part), Didier Chanfrey was never able to find a major publisher interested in the idea of ​​financing a sequel. “The sad truth is that the community, while active and loyal, is too small to justify a game. The financial risk is too great.“he notes. The story to further complicate matters, the success of the games little big planet Y Sackboy: A Great Adventure fact that the title of Delphine Software’s old adventure game today is especially reminiscent of games developed by Media Molecule and Sumo Digital.

At the beginning of 2021, the passion shown by Ben Limare and Gwenaëlle Gourevich convinced Didier Chanfrey to found the studio together. [2.21] and embark on the adventure of a sequel, with the support of Frédérick Raynal. “When we started talking with Fred, Samantha (our new author), and Ben about the new game, we quickly realized that the third game we originally wanted to make, Star Entity Genesis, would be weird to make. The script was a first draft written to conclude the series. But with the new studio, we don’t want to end the series. We want to appeal to a wider audience and bring its wonderful world, iconic characters, and story to as many players as possible, so that we can create more twin adventures.“, explains Didier Chanfrey.

Consequently, the team [2.21] It no longer intends to produce a sequel, at least not immediately, but to relaunch and modernize Twinsen’s story from the beginning. The goal now is to launch this reset called Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure in 2024 for the game’s 30th anniversary, but as it stands, the studio has yet to assemble a team aiming for a 12-person core. There are no big investors in sight: according to Didier Chanfrey, the budget promises to be tighter than that of little big adventure 2 in his days. In other words, it will be necessary to find the right people, use the right technologies and be smart, as the veteran summarizes.

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