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Local products under the Christmas tree.


Artigiano is beautiful, he is useful and he is also the answer to the recurring question in December: what to give for Christmas? Confartigianato’s answer is: the Belluno area, its products, its flavors, its “know-how”. In a word: crafts, for a zero kilometer Christmas, made in Belluno.

This year the Confartigianato proposal returns again, which aims to promote the territory and at the same time support artisan businesses. The spirit is the same as in the 2020 campaign, entitled “Choose the artisan gift.” «Because choosing the shop under the house, the local workshop or the small businessman is an act of love for the territory that goes beyond the Christmas holidays. First of all, it signifies pride and awareness of what craftsmanship can express in terms of quality. And then it is a concrete way to help take off the economic recovery and at the same time promote small productions and realities with a vision of the future “, says the president of the Confartigianato Belluno, Claudia Scarzanella.

«Buying Christmas gifts from an artisan is to enhance what they do in their store and give prestige to the entire Belluno mountain range. Because crafts and territory are the same. For this reason, one more year we invite all Belluno to shop in Belluno and give away local crafts for the next festivities. Because at a still difficult time, even a small gesture such as a Christmas gift acquires inestimable value for the survival of small businesses and for the enhancement of our work.

I DATI – The numbers speak for themselves. Holidays significantly modify consumer spending habits: considering the 2018-2020 triennium, in December a value of household purchases was recorded 25.5% higher than the annual average (16.7% in the case of food products and 32.4% in the case of non-food products). December retail sales represent 9.7% of annual food sales and 11.0% of non-food products.

In addition to food and beverages, expenses related to the typical Christmas offer include clothing, footwear, furniture and appliances, carpets and other floor coverings; home textiles, glassware, tableware and household utensils; games, toys and hobbies, sporting goods, books, stationery and drawing supplies, personal care products and services; jewelry and watches. What do most of these products have in common? Simple craftsmanship. From clothing to jewelry, most Christmas gifts can be the result of the skill of a shop, small, or micro-business. This is the case at the national level, but also at the provincial level: in the Belluno area – data from Istat – there are almost 1,200 companies that produce goods or services that fall within the scope of typical Christmas gifts (for a total of almost 5,000 employees and an incidence of artisans of more than 30%). If you think that in December the Belluno area spends around 86 million euros for the holiday period (53 million on food and drink, the rest on gifts or household items), one has the measure of how much even a small gift can be worth. Christmas, if you buy “artisan”.

WHAT TO BUY – «There are so many possibilities for« Artisan Christmas ». From agri-food to desserts in pastry shops, from craft beer to wine, from decoration accessories to home accessories, from rustic cutting boards to furniture. From artistic crafts to clothing, through the care and well-being of the body ”, continues the president Scarzanella. «The list of products for ‘very local’ Christmas shopping is long and suitable for any need. There are so many products and services. Hundreds of possibilities to give a double gift: to loved ones and to your land. Because to buy an artisan is to love the Belluno area ».

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