After the first and very clear quarter-final match on Friday, in which T1 clearly won 3-0 against Hanwha Life Esports in Korea’s internal duel, the second quarter-final of LoL Worlds 2021 was much tighter . Here we were also able to observe an internal meeting within the region, this time between two Chinese teams.

The best-of-5 series between EDward Gaming and Royal Never Give Up turned into a nerve-wracking battle for both sides, as the encounter spanned the maximum of five possible matches. Royal Never Give Up showed 1-0 before EDward Gaming reached its full potential. The team around ‘Scout’, ‘Viper’ and company shot the series and took a 2-1 lead. But RNG didn’t give up and proved in Match 4 that Annie can also be used successfully in the midlane. In the decisive fifth match of the long day, EDG, the Group B runner-up, actually beat Royal Never Give Up, who were group winners in Group C.

The Chinese top seed prevails against LPL # 3 and is now the last remaining Chinese team to advance to the semifinals of the 2021 World Cup. After yesterday’s T1 victory, EDward Gaming and the Koreans are now waiting to find their own opponents to the last duel before the grand final on November 6, 2021. For EDG it is the first participation in the semi-finals in its own history.

The opponents of the two will be tomorrow, Sunday and Monday, October 25 in the quarterfinals number 3 and 4 between DWG KIA (LCK # 1) and MAD Lions (LEC # 1) as well as Gen. G Esports (LCK # 2) and Cloud9 (LCS – Play-Ins).

Quarterfinal 2 on replay

You can find more information about the course of the first quarter-finals here:

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