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Look: Bengals Star Quarterback Joe Burrow Appears on Custom Video Game Covers

Look: Bengals Star Quarterback Joe Burrow Appears on Custom Video Game Covers

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is a big fan of video games. He regularly plays Fortnite and Call of Duty.

Recently, Barrow said he had always dreamed of decorating the cover of a classic NCAA college football match. It was discontinued after its 2014 release, but will be back in the next few years.

Bengals, Sports Illustrated and other outlets Released Barrow design on the cover.

Graphic designer Jacob Howe has taken a different path. Instead of featuring Barrow on the cover of a college football game, he revived another title, the NFL Street.

There are three games in the series, the latest of which was released in 2006, with the legendary Bengal Chad Johnson on the cover.

Howe has put together a new design featuring the NFL Street 4 Barrow.

EA Sports hasn’t announced plans to revive the popular video game series, but it’s a pretty design.

It features a barrow, but Johnson appears in the upper right, and Chris Henry, a former Bengals wide receiver, is displayed in the upper left.

This is a high quality design and the idea of ​​the NFL Street coming back is enough to make football fans smile.


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