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Looking at Google Map .. Do you know where this driver left the truck .. Nellaiyil excitement | Truck got stuck at Nellaiyappar temple while looking at google map and driving



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Updated: Sunday January 2, 2022, 4:26 PM [IST]

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Tirunelveli: An incident has occurred in Nellai where a truck driver driving after looking at a Google map got stuck in the Nellaiyappar temple hall.

The Google Map feature was introduced a few years ago on behalf of Google, a global Internet service provider. Google Map will accurately predict the route even if people driving by specify the area of ​​their destination. Google Map also offers features that include fast traffic where there is traffic congestion.

Truck got stuck at Nellaiyappar temple while looking at google map and driving

This allows you to go anywhere without asking for help, even in areas you’ve never been before. Google Map also offers a range of services including gas reservations and restaurants along the way.

At the same time, there are some glitches in Google Map. It is noteworthy that the driver of a car with Google Map installation in Chennai fell into a hole dug a few years ago while trying to do so. Now such an incident has taken place again in Tamil Nadu.

A trucker carrying goods from Chennai headed towards Nellai. The truck was stuck at the entrance to the Nellaiyappar temple hall when the driver was looking at the Google map when the goods were unloaded near the Nellaiyappar temple.

The truck got stuck when the public looked at a Google map that said the truck should not be driven in the area. The truck was later recovered from the room after a long fight that caused heavy traffic congestion in the area.

Summary in English

The incident took place in the hall of the Nellaiyappar temple, where a truck driver driving was trapped after looking at a Google map in Nellai.

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