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Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets Game 2: Live Scores, Updates, News, Statistics, Highlights | Australia

Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets Game 2: Live Scores, Updates, News, Statistics, Highlights | Australia

The Los Angeles Lakers held back the Denver Nuggets’ comeback in the second half and won games 2, 105-103.

With only 2.1 seconds left, the Lakers remained 103-102, and Anthony Davis embedded the clutch’s three pointers in the buzzer from the wing, blocking the victory and making the Lakers 2-0.

Davis finished with 31 game highs and 9 rebounds. Includes the last 10 points of the Lakers. LeBron James scored 26 points and 11 rebounds.

Nikola Jokic led the Nuggets with 30 points, 9 assists and 6 rebounds, and made a quick round trip with Davis as the Big Men changed their buckets with the clutch.

If you miss an action featured in a live update, highlight, etc. of this contest.

Final: Lakers 105, Nugget 103

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-Rondo finds Davis inbound and stands over Jokik to fill the clutch triple with a brick! Davis scored the final 10 points as the Lakers fend off the Nuggets’ cheerful comeback.

-Davis responds with a bucket, but Jokik returns to the opposite end and lowers the float. The Nuggets are leading 103-102 with 20.8 seconds remaining.

-Nugget leads !!!! Jokic’s tips to make Murray’s three floating in the air 101-100 at the end of the shot clock. Make it a 9-0 Jokic run.

-Jokic scored seven quick unanswered points and the nugget is within an amazing distance of 1:04. They drag 100-99 !!

-Dozier misses a pair of free throws, followed by Anthony Davis, who swings 5 ​​points with 3 pointers from the corner. The Lakers have extended their lead to 100-92, with the rest at 3:03.

-After the nugget easily led, the Lakers regained control of the contest by connecting from the 3-point line to 4 of 5.

-PJ Dozier pulls an aggressive foul on a drive to James’ basket. Great defensive play for nuggets! The Lakers lead 97-92.

-The Lakers quickly responded with a back-to-back triple of Danny Green and Rajon Rondo, pushing the lead back to 5 points.

-It just goes to the wire! Jamal Murray’s layup gives the Nuggets an 87-86 lead.

End of Q3: Lakers 82, Nuggets 78

The nugget is doing something interesting for the fourth quarter. After finishing the period with 24 to 12 runs, reduce the deficit to 4 points.

-Jokic has a maximum of 18 points and Murray has a maximum of 19 points.

-After Davis poured 12 points in the quarter, Lars achieved up to 21 points and 9 rebounds.

-Denver refuses to lie down-Michael Porter Jr hits another triple to cut the lead to 5 points. (2:48)

-You are not a stranger in the face of a large deficit. The nugget used a 14-4 run to reduce the lead to 74-68. Can they pull another comeback apart?

-Davis is doing everything to start the third quarter. He hits a jump shot, rejects Murray at the rim, and finds Danny Green in the wide open triple. Lakers 70-54 (8:11).

-The Lakers widen their lead to start the third and score 10 of the first 14 points in the second half.

Halftime: Lakers 60, Nuggets 50

-The Lakers halved the 10-point lead, led by LeBron James’ 20-point. Davis and Caruso each have 9 points and KCP has 8 points.

-Despite shooting only three-tenths from the field, Jokic leads the Nuggets with 14 points, with eight arriving at the free throw line. There are 10 Murrays and 10 Porter Jr.

Half-time team statistics:


-Dwight Howard is back again after making a big impact in Game 1!

The Lakers pick up some technical fouls after Howard is tied to Jokik under the basket. Howard is assigned Phil Handy and a coach.

-The Lakers Big is making life tough for Jokick in the first half. He has scored 6 points on 3/10 from the field. Denver hasn’t scored a field goal for more than four minutes (3:53).

-Another sale from the Nuggets and Lakers reappears in the middle of the transition, with Alex Caruso punching the jam home with one hand. He extended his lead to 47-36 and won a 9-1 run.

-Davis returns to the game with Dwight Howard to check in and give the Lakers a very necessary boost to defend after the Nuggets piled at 15 points early in the period. (7:14)

-Revlon goes into attack mode and raises the 20th point of the game with an and-1 finish!

-The Nuggets responded immediately with buckets from Monte Morris and Michael Porter Jr, cutting the lead with just four points. A great start to the Nuggets crime quarter. They made some tough buckets to keep them within reach.

-When the Lakers connect with 10 of the last 11 field goal attempts, Lebron flushes the alley from the Rondo Dime.

End of Q1: Lakers 29, Nuggets 21

-The Lakers gained strength in the second half to take an eight-point lead in the first break, thanks to a big opening quarter from Lebron. He leads the way with 12 points in 5/7 shooting.

-The nugget has spun the ball more than 7 times during the opening period. The Lakers’ defenses flocked around and made them feel like they were there, creating many opportunities for haste.

-Anthony Davis is heading to Jokic with paint as the Lakers run wild on 18 to 3 runs to take the biggest lead in 25 to 15 games.

-I don’t like Danny Green!

-After only two of the first 15 shots of the game went down, the nugget entered the set early in the shot clock, gaining a 12-7 lead thanks to an 8-0 run.

-Lebron leads the Lakers 10 points with a 4-5 shot, with the remaining Lakers 0-12.

-Jerami Grant has won the game’s first basket and has 8:43 left in the first quarter, which is a slow start to the nugget.

-Revlon drills 3 pointers into the first basket of the game!

Before the match

-Lakers starting lineup: Danny Green, Kentavius ​​Coldwell Popway, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, JaVale McGee

-Nugget start lineup: Jamal Murray, Gary Harris, Jerami Grant, Paul Millsap, Nikola Jokic

-The Lakers are back in the Black Mamba Edition jersey for Game 2

-Get advertised nugget fans!

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