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Lost Ark: New Free Loot Available at Prime Gaming

Lost Ark: New Free Loot Available at Prime Gaming

With the help of Prime Gaming, you can currently get free new loot for the MMO Lost Ark.

This gives you some useful items for the game.

The first of several packages.

The Relikt Relationship Pack is currently available for all Amazon Prime members to pick up. In addition to an Heirloom Relationship Chest, it also contains a Crystalline Aura for five days and an Amethyst Shard Pack containing 500 shards.

You have until May 31, 2022 to collect this package. We her in the Lost Ark Page from Prime Gaming, several more bonus packages for the MMO will follow in the future.

More Lost Ark news:

Preview images of several other packs suggest that they contain at least chests and shards.

Also listed are a Battle Item Pack, Egg Pet Pack, and Raptor Mount Pack.

As mentioned, to collect the bonus items, you need an Amazon Prime membership, and then you need to link your Lost Ark account to your Amazon account.

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