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Lots of violent and downright addictive mobile games … PUBG is just one example: Javadekar

New Delhi: many mobile gamesviolentFrank and addictive. PUBG was just one example. Union Minister Prakash Javadekar On Sunday, the government announced a plan to create a center of excellence in the games And other related fields to enhance the Indian cultural spirit.
PUBG was one of more than 100 Chinese-born mobile apps that the government banned last year.
The Minister of Information and Broadcasting said that his ministry had decided to establish a games center to teach courses related to visual effects, games and animation for the development of new games that value the Indian cultural spirit.
In his speech at the opening ceremony of the virtual exhibition and the announcement of the “Maine Horse – Game / Game / Project Design Contest in Maharashtra”, the Minister said that classes will begin that same year.
“I am pleased to report that Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Together with IIT Bombay, he decided to create a center of excellence in games and other related fields. We are in an advanced stage of preparation and this will take effect with the start of the new cycle in 2021.
“Prime Minister Narendra Modi is passionate about the preservation and maintenance of India Evaluate, Heritage and cultural spirit and makes important efforts to educate the children and youth of our country about our rich culture and traditions. ”
“We can also present these values ​​through modern technology and use them optimally,” he said.
He said that many games played on mobile and other devices are “violent, clear, addictive and tend to create muddles in children’s minds.
PUBG was just one example, but criticizing these games is not the answer. The solution is to create our own games and applications online with #MakeInIndia so that the world is embraced around the world for its core values. which are an integral part of our Indian spirit “, Javadikar She said.
He said that this effort by the Modi government will bear fruit and lead the nation to create new games that enhance the Indian cultural spirit.

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