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Lucas Mazur, double medalist at the Paralympic Games: “I was almost in love with Elmander”


In early September, at the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Games, Lucas mazur he won singles and mixed doubles gold in badminton. This is a source of great pride for Toulouse fans, as the champion is a regular on Brice Taton’s turn. We met him. Interview in LesViolets.Com.

Lucas, how have you been since your two medals?
I returned to France on a chartered flight. It was my first time in the business (laughs). It was an exceptional, privileged moment. I was super happy, because I got the tweets from TFC and Indians during the competition. It moved me. I had the best time of my life. I worked a long time for this. I was hoping to experience this one day and I am very proud of it. It was the entrance to Paralympic badminton. So I won the first title ever.

Can you tell us your story?
I was born in Orleans and at the age of three I had, unfortunately, a stroke. On the other hand, I had many opportunities, because normally, at that age, we stayed there … From that moment, I have the impression of being the person who is often lucky, life smiles at me. Sometimes I have known failures and galleys, but I have a lucky star. Then, I moved to Colomiers with my parents at the age of 6 for a decade. And finally, I joined a high-level structure in 2014 to train. Coal for a long time and seven years later, the story is beautiful.

Where are you today
I’ve been in Bordeaux for 9 months to train. I hate the city, it shines too much, it smells like money with the buildings, I don’t like it, but the training center is great. Toulouse is a beautiful city.

During the Games, were you able to follow the start of the TFC season?
I followed the game in Pau where Alexandre Roux, the leader of the Indians, entered the field (smile). There was a beautiful atmosphere, it was nice to see it. Frankly, we feel like there is a good group of players, even if sometimes we make mistakes on defense and Janis and Amine are gone. It is a pity that we force them to leave by removing them from the group, what are two Pitchouns!

What is your first purple memory?
Since I was little I have gone to the Stadium, I have done many tifos. My first memory is a TFC – Lyon when I was 6 1/2 or 7 years old. Very quickly, I admired Daniel Moreira and then Johan Elmander. I was almost in love with him, he was so amazing. It takes us to the Champions League in Liverpool. I cried about it. For the record, before my tough matches, especially my semi-final and my final, I watch videos that inspire me. In general, these are always those of Dupraz’s speech in Angers – I would have liked to be there – and the match against Bordeaux in 2017 with the Champions League qualification. I still cry about it.

How did you become an Indian?
I remember very well that what happened in the stands, the atmosphere and the entertainment attracted me much more than the field. In fact, I started hanging out with the Sharks. Basically, we bought our seats with my mother in Leclerc, because at the time they had a space in the west stand. I was 11 or 12 years old. So I was going to sing, raise flags and light 2/3 smoke bombs, while my parents watched me. Unfortunately, the club sometimes made bad decisions. Olivier Sadran asked the Sharks to move into the east turn. This was rejected and therefore there were no more Sharks… So I went to the Indians to continue my studies with my subscriber cards and association membership.

What is your best memory with the Indians?
I participated in the tifo for 20 years and I was very happy with the result. I also remember the construction period of the Stadium for Euro 2016. Sometimes we were 50 meters away from the opposing fans. It was tense, but I also found it exciting.

Everyone is waiting for you in Toulouse!
I received the TFC as a private message. We’re going to organize that, maybe against Caen at the end of September. I intend to show the medal on the turn and on the local Indians.

Rather … Elmander or Emana?
Emana is capable of scoring goals from 50 yards, but I’m still going to say Elmander, the warrior. On the other hand, there is a match with Fodé Mansaré… He could do exceptional things, catch a ball on the side and make you lift the curve.

Dupraz or Elie Baup?
That’s a damn question! Frankly Elie Baup for the good years, we must not forget.

Sadran or Comolli?
For now, Sadran. Although he was not always correct with the fans, he took over the club and put it afloat. You should never take that away from you.

Your favorite Tèf t-shirt?
I liked the Lottery period. The purple was beautiful. I remember the famous t-shirt. I have no Airness or Kappa at all. Joma, it wasn’t that good.

One last word for the followers who will read you on LesViolets.Com?
Thanks to all the world. I received many messages, many tweets. Thanks also to Brice’s turn. I am very proud and, I promise, I will go to the Stadium.

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