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Make iPhone Home Screen “Aesthetic AF”: How to Change App Icon in iOS 14


You will be able to change the appearance of the app icon immediately.

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iPhone ($ 699 on Amazon) Since then, the home screen looks almost the same First iPhone, The app icons are all the same size and perfectly lined up in a row. It was finally changed New iOS 14 update, You can customize the look of the app, give it a completely different name, resize and color it.

iPhone screen customization Become a sudden trendThis is a big change for iPhone users who are now able to try out their home screen in new ways without having to root their device or run skins or launchers. Here are two ways to customize your iPhone screen with the help of the widget app.

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How to change the appearance of the app on iPhone


With this app, you can easily try different looks on your iPhone.

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With the new iOS 14 update, you can finally customize your app to your liking. Method is as follows.

1. Open the shortcut app on your iPhone (already pre-installed).

2. Tap the plus icon in the upper right.

3. select Add action..

Four. Enter the following in the search bar Open the app Choose Open the app App.

Five. Tap Choose Select the app you want to customize. For example, Facebook, Spotify, messaging apps, etc.

6. Tap the three dots in the upper right. From here, name and tap the shortcut Add to home screen..

7. Rename the shortcut to whatever you like, where the home screen name and icon are displayed.

8. Then go to the Safari app and look for the new icon image. You can search for something like Facebook icon aesthetic. When you find an image you like, save it in a photo.

9. Go back to the shortcut app and tap the current icon. select Select a photo Tap the saved image. You can enlarge or reduce the image. Tap Choose..

Ten. Tap add to..

You have now customized the app on your smartphone. The original app remains on the phone, but you can save it to a folder.

Change the appearance of the iPhone home screen

You no longer have to look at the rows of iPhone apps. Here’s how to change the home screen display using the app:

1. download Widgetsmith app On your iPhone.

2. In the app, select the size of the widget you want to customize. The options are small, medium and large.

3. Tap the widget to customize it. You can change the font and color. Tap save when finished

Four. Go to the home screen and press and hold the app. Tap Edit home screen..

Five. Tap the plus icon in the upper left corner to search for Widget Smith. Tap the icon.

6. Select the size of the widget you want to add to your home screen, Add widget..

7. You can change the widget by pressing the app Edit widget.. that’s all! You should now see icons of different sizes on your home screen for a customized look.

Currently, you can only customize the following apps: Weather (Premium Subscription), Calendar, World Time, Reminders, Health, Astronomy, Tides (Premium Subscription), Photos.

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Look at this:

Try a custom home screen using iOS 14


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