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Man strangled and then stole cell phone - Who knows this thief?  – BZ Berlin

Man strangled and then stole cell phone – Who knows this thief? – BZ Berlin

On July 23, 2021, a 28-year-old had his mobile phone stolen. The thief had previously suffocated him from behind. Police have now released photos of the suspect.

As the police announced on Monday, the man left the U7 line at around 0.35 am at the Adenauerplatz underground station and took the escalator to the exit.

“On the escalator, the man in the photo suddenly attacked him from behind and strangled him,” a police spokesman said.

The then 28-year-old dropped his cell phone, which the attacker picked up and then fled. The assailant was slightly injured.

This is how the suspect is described

► about 30 years
► about 180 to 185 cm tall
► slim stature
► medium length dark blonde tousled hair
► presumably belonging to the homeless environment
► dressed in a red, blue, and white striped sweater that ripped on the left arm, white pants, and light-colored sneakers

the police ask

Who knows the man portrayed, can give information on the identity or whereabouts or place of residence of the stranger?

Who observed the preparation of the crime or the escape?

Who else can provide relevant information?

The criminal investigation department of Police Headquarters 2 at Perleberger Straße 61a in 10559 Berlin-Moabit searches for clues by calling (030) 4664-273130 (during office hours), (030) 4664-271100 (outside office hours). ), the internet clock the Berlin police or any other police station.