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MAN WITH A MISSION join the world of Final Fantasy games

Japanese band MAN WITH A MISSION turn heads wherever they perform with their wolf masks. Having collaborated and contributed songs to various animes, movies, and TV series, the musicians are now taking the gaming world by storm.

If MAN WITH A MISSION immerses himself in the digital world, not with any game. The band and the universe of the game “Final Fantasy” have now announced a cooperation. In the latest game of the internationally known series, all five musicians are said to actively participate in the game. Players of “Final Fantasy VII – The First Soldier” should be prepared for difficult tasks.

MAN ON A MISSION as boss monster

Those responsible for “the first soldierannounced that the five members of the gang will act as boss monsters, some of the new game’s final enemies. As part of the collaboration, there will also be a number of new skins and other exclusive rewards for players who beat the challenge. In order to compete against the special opponents, minimaps must be collected during the game to unlock the corresponding fields.

MAN WITH A MISSION also provides several songs for their gaming debut. When a player enters a special rift field, the song “The Soldier from the Start”, written specifically for the game, will play. During the cooperation period, the song can also be set as the background music for the home screen and played as many times as desired.

A long career in different worlds

On May 25, the new album “Break and Cross the Walls II” will also be released in Japan, in which the song “Final Fantasy” will also be heard. In a short YouTube video, Square Enix, who is once again responsible for the game’s design, offers a first look at the boss monsters in the wolf design.

Due to numerous cooperations with internationally renowned franchises, the songs of MAN WITH A MISSION went around the world. Meanwhile, the musicians, with the head of a wolf and the body of a human, have fans all over the world.

In 2010 the band celebrated its tenth anniversary and it hasn’t been calmer since the beginning. To this day, MAN WITH A MISSION is one of the driving forces of the Japanese rock scene. In November 2021, they released their sixth studio album, Break and Cross the Walls I, soon to be followed by their seventh, Break and Cross the Walls II.

Break and Cross the Walls II Image: MAN WITH A MISSION