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Many people are upset that they have not received the iPhone 13


A pre-order was placed days in advance and the iPhone 13 was promised to be delivered on the day of the sale, but many people had to leave empty-handed.

“The staff asked me to go to the store this afternoon to get it iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 GB blue. But after 9 a.m. M., I got an apology message that the phone was late and scheduled for October 26, “said Minh Hai (Trung Van, Hanoi). What made him unhappy was that he had transferred a 500,000 VND deposit into the day one day for pre-order and promised to receive device today but did not deliver on promise.

Many people pre-ordered the iPhone 13 but it wasn’t delivered on time. Photo: Tuan hung

This morning, Mr. Nhat Le (Dong Da, Hanoi) also went to the store to receive iPhone 13 pink, but the clerk looked at the list and said the version he ordered was out of stock. “They promised to return the device today, but after waiting for hours, I had to leave with an appointment on October 25 or 26. If there are not enough machines, the store must notify early yesterday so that the buyer does not waste time. I was going to give my wife a late 10/20 gift, but I have to apologize to her now, “he said.

According to Pham Tuan Anh, representative of the ShopDunk system, the “exhaustion” situation occurs mainly with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, especially the 128GB or blue version, and the pink iPhone 13. “The supplier did not deliver enough machines as promised on the first day for the systems, which led to a lot of pre-orders, but today there are no machines.”

In particular, the pink iPhone 13 received only 80% of the expected volume. “Guests who are late and do not have the phone are notified by text message and are scheduled for delivery in 3 days,” Tuan Anh said.

Customers wait outside an iPhone retail system on the morning of October 22.  Photo: Tuan Hung

Customers wait outside an iPhone retail system on the morning of October 22 in Hanoi. Photo: Tuan hung

Mr. Nguyen Lac Huy, representative of the CellPhoneS system, also confirmed the shortage of iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB, iPhone 13 128GB, 256GB and especially pink. “From 6 am to 9 am, we deliver about 1,000 machines to customers. The new colors like blue and pink are only for subscribers to receive information and the return time should be postponed until the first half of November,” he said. Huy.

The iPhone 13 supply shortage in Vietnam is expected to continue until November. “Versions for multiple buyers, new colors will not be available to buy as before”, which represents a system for sharing.

The original iPhone 13 is simultaneously open for sale in all retail systems starting today. Some systems such as FPT Shop, Minh Tuan Mobile and Mobile Viet open for sale new Apple phones from 0:00 on October 22, while other agents such as Mobile World, CellphoneS deliver phones to customers who preorder on October 22. October. Tomorrow.

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