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Marcello De Rosa leaves the Democratic Party: “It is a closed room, the usual suspects decide.” Apple of Discord the Provincials of Caserta

“The Democratic Party is a closed room.” Marcello De Rosa does not beat around the bush in his words to motivate his dismissal from the Democratic Party. The mayor of Casapesenna did not criticize the method with which the Democrats singled out the candidate for the presidency of the province of Caserta. The choice fell on the mayor of Santa Maria Capua Vetere Antonio Mirra. But De Rosa points out that it is not a personal question. “My farewell to the Democratic Party – he explains – depends on political reasons. My wish for my colleague Mayor Antonio Mirra is that he find in his path the coherence and loyalty that I have found in a few. With great regret, I made the decision to leave the Democratic Party that has represented my history, my political beliefs and my daily commitment. With serenity and relief, on the contrary, I distance myself from the false friends and colleagues who navigate the ambiguity and the game of personal interests ”.

Marcello de rosa

De Rosa was disappointed by the lack of discussion within the party and by the inability of the provincial leaders to open up to the territory. “In the Democratic Party of Caserta – thunders the mayor of Casapesenna – decisions are made in the control room. The party remains in the hands of a few. Then it’s not going anywhere. Local administrators registered with the party are not taken into account, so I decided to distance myself from the Democratic Party after years of militancy and battles. ” A ruthless examination of a party that has ended up in the quicksand of power games for years. What will be the political future of De Rosa? For now, the mayor of Casapesenna pauses for reflection. “I will decide with my many friends which way to go.” The point is that the Democratic Party loses a great party. It is a golden opportunity because it leaves entire pastures in the Agro aversano to the regional councilor Giovanni Zannini who defends the outgoing Giorgio Magliocca as president of the Province.