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Marlboro Native uses art skills to help create the “The Last of Us Part II” video game



The video game “The Last of Us Part II”, which has been highly acclaimed by players and critics around the world, was partially created by a Marlboro graduate from Colts Neck High School.

Graphic designer Martin Pietras, who specializes in 3D environments and textures, worked on in-game cutscenes, including the two in-game protagonists, Joel and Ellie, and an in-game playable environment.

Pietras describes his work as follows: “My role as a 3D material artist was to paint digital sets and backgrounds in a movie or game environment and create materials that also apply to them.

“Next, we define the interactions between all these materials. For example, look at a building in the post-apocalyptic world and address the different needs of that object.

“What do the windows look like? In what areas are there cracks? Do these buildings have streaks from constant rain? Are there any moss or nature currently overtaking this building? These are Everything is a question we ask ourselves when deciding how to make these surface materials, “he explained.

After graduating from high school, Pietras graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology’s 3D Digital Design Program in 2017. We also participated in a part-time commercial arts program offered by the Monmouth County Vocational School District.

Regarding his education, Pietras said: “The program is very broad and I introduced students to topics such as graphic design, art, and even silkscreen technology. I was happy because I wanted to pursue an art career at the time, but what should I do? I wasn’t sure. The exposure to various topics in the Monmouth County Vocational School District helped me guide me towards the more technical aspects of computer graphics.

“Once I decided on the field of art I wanted to pursue, I started getting a degree in 3D digital design from the Rochester Institute of Technology. While attending the program, I” textured “and created a 3D” set “or environment. Was specialized in.

“Basically, I studied the creation of sets and backgrounds that were physically (created) in the cinema era. Now everything is done digitally and composited with a green screen. “Pietra explained.

Pietras works as a 3D artist at Sony’s PlayStation Games studio in San Diego, California. He previously worked as a 3D material artist on Amazon.

Since the release of “The Last of Us Part II,” we have won over 250 game awards from the media and media of our readers’ choice. This new game is a sequel to the acclaimed “The Last of Us” released in 2013.

Pietras said: “For me, working on a project like this has always been a dream. The team is very talented and the project itself pushes the story and visual standards of the game.

“The art style and world they create is great for texture artists, because they can create all this decline and overgrowth of human-made materials. It’s only part of a project of this size. In particular, I feel surprisingly humble. “

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