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Marvel’s Avengers GaaS tank running on Hume


I do not want to say Marvel Avengers I’ve never felt the height of hype like in the past, so I’ve been on a roller coaster, but it was definitely an adventure. I’ve been waiting for years to learn something about games. And when I finally did it Mixed emotions, Even though I included it in my Best of E3 2019 Roundup.

The fact of the matter is that I’m a Marvel fan and I’m proud to wear it.That means I have a prejudice against the Marvel project Do I hope they are good. That said the Avengers Did not stimulate tons of confidence from the gate. My perception of the game improved over time, but in the end I was really excited about the possibility of replacing it. Marvel Heroes A hole the size of my heart, the excitement always had some anxiety.Beta only Confirmed my worries.. This will be a rough vehicle.

Unfortunately, Marvel Avengers Seems to be following National anthem Orbit I wrote Launch impression.. I was a bit cheeky about that first comparison, but the same kind, from game rampant bugs and performance stability to core gameplay features and loot table corruption and rewarding stuff, to weekly store resets. It’s almost strange that I made the mistake of a lot of repetitive cosmetic options.Also like National anthem, The single player story is interesting, but when it’s done everything collapses. the Avengers It may have been a self-contained single-player story that I enjoyed and went on, but the looting aspect feels like a kind of effort.

Now, unlike some, I Do I want the Avengers To become a looting game.I’m looking for a Marvel ARPG to scrape that itch and replace a game like Marvel Heroes Or Marvel Ultimate Alliance (I was disappointed with the latest entry for several reasons). But at this point, it’s less likely to happen. I’ve acknowledged, Marvel Heroes It took me a while to get a very rough start and find a foothold, but the basic online experience was still fun for me. My main character, Black Widow, still has a broken loot table, so it makes little sense to log on for now. The content slate currently offered is more than repetitive, with just a few places and endless AIM Labs fighting. One of the few new content we’ve ever obtained, Tachyon Rifts is basically just a way to recycle the anemia missions already offered.

New state of the game Blog post We have detailed a number of the team’s recently announced number of highly needed quality of life priorities that the team is working on. This is great. But with the exception of the tachyon lift mentioned above and, at least for now, a solo-only megahive (weekly mission), Dockett’s only new content is what’s called an omega-level threat.These are the ones that seem to be the closest to the raid the Avengers.. The first one will drop sometime in the next few weeks, and this is almost comical at this point, but it’s another AIM lab! To be exact, AIM Cloning Lab. After this, let’s cool it down in the AIM lab. Please.

Kate Bishop, first new addition the Avengers The roster will be pushed from October, but Kate and perhaps Clint will still release it sometime this year. Players have to wait until next year for the next hero other than Hawkeye to drop, and most importantly, they need to play in a new region. the Avengers Even PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will not succeed until sometime in 2021.

I think it’s quite possible that Crystal Dynamics will be able to button up the game on some issues in a reasonable amount of time when it comes to bugs and quality of life issues. the Avengers Due to the significant delay in content, the recently reported sharp decline in player numbers can be exacerbated by the delay. Not enough to run, weekly missions and yet another AIM lab, which may be difficult, but have no plans to run the game in the coming months.

One way I want the Avengers Is not comparable to National anthem Game publisher Square Enix is ​​the way to tackle this problem. Skeleton crew is working on EA National anthem At this point it is clear to me that it never has a redemption arc that really deserves.Square Enix did not give up because of its honor FINAL FANTASY XIV.. Showed willingness to invest resources to turn things around as needed the Avengers If it intends to regain its foothold in space, it absolutely requires that kind of intervention. Hopefully, the recently announced delay really represents a quality commitment, not a shift in Crystal Dynamics focus.

What do you think about the Avengers Status? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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