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Marvel's Avengers haven't recovered development costs yet •

Marvel’s Avengers haven’t recovered development costs yet • TECH GAMING REPORT

As Square Enix admits, sales were “lower than expected.”

Marvel’s Avengers haven’t regained the money they spent on development, publisher Square Enix admitted after announcing financial results showing a quarterly loss of JPY7bn (£ 50.1m).

The sales of the huge blockbuster were “less than expected,” admitted by President Yosuke Matsude’s new translation. Financial briefing (Thank you, IGN).

Square Enix’s overall quarterly losses spilled over to Marvel’s low retail sales of The Avengers and the “major advertising campaign” that the company spent a lot of money on raising interest after an early delay in the game. Caused by a mixture of amounts.

Still, Square Enix said it hopes Marvel’s Avengers will continue to sell, driven by the introduction of new content and characters. last week, Developer Crystal Dynamics has detailed the game’s first new character, Kate Bishop., Those who will arrive in December.

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We first heard the word Marvel’s Avengers failed Square Enix’s business Earlier this month, these financial figures were first released. At the time, analyst David Gibson suggested that Square Enix had predicted that it would only sell “60%”, a copy of about “about 3m.”

Crystal Dynamics issued a statement in October We promise to continue to support the game despite the diminished interest of playersAnd when the number of people playing on the PC was small, it began to affect matchmaking.

In 2021, in addition to the long-awaited controversial Spider-Man for PlayStation only, more heroes will appear on Marvel’s Avengers, including the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game.